Assisting Our Children

niche making/cooperation

Our children do not “belong to us”, they ARE us.

Incarnating into a hologram or embodying within a hologram via a baby body is inorganic to our original expression but it is the only method to incarnate into the earth hologram.

We are individual expressions of Source and in our Source Conscious Mind expression hold the ability to instantly manifest the body expression that will represent us in a hologram. That has not been possible for billions of years within the earth system as a result of consciousness fragmenting and the separation of electromagnetic energy or the male and female energy.

It will remain necessary for the electrical male and magnetic female to continue to combine their energy to “co-create” a body form for consciousness to embody within this earth system but that does not mean the biological parents create the individual consciousness which embodies into the baby body form.

Only the Whole Mind of Source can create a replicated individual mind of Source as it begins at the original point of the original thought of Source which sets the creation process of time matrix galaxies in motion. A replicated mind of Source is the energy of Source stepping down in energy from the center point of the original thought of Source or “after” the big bang.

We experience a new born baby as “new life” but the only thing that is new is the body form. The conscious expression of Source that enters the body form is older than ancient, as we think of time.

The biological mother plays the role of a “host” to assist the Source expression to embody into the earth hologram and sometimes that is all that is desired; sometimes it is not about playing the role of a parent but simply a role to allow the consciousness to embody within the earth system.

Regardless if the role of a host involves a role of parenting it does involve the responsibility of providing a safe environment that will support the growth of the incarnating consciousness. That may mean handing off the responsibility of parenting to someone who is more suited for the role but if that is the case, it was known and agreed upon by all parties before the birthing process occurred.

The incarnating consciousness may not intend to remain embodied within the earth system for a very long time or for a life on earth to old age but each incarnating soul chooses the point when they will exit the hologram. Because of memory wipe that all encounter when they incarnate into the earth system, no one is able to know the point at which they will exit the hologram for certain and set up many check out points to encounter along the way and decide if one is to be taken when they are reached.

We all “choose” who will play the role of the biological parents and this occurs within the sub-conscious mind via telepathy. The incarnating soul seeks out biological parents whose coding can co-create a body form for their desires of incarnating and which can house their level of energy. It becomes easier to understand “why” the genetic coding from the biological parents is important to an incarnating soul when we remember that the human body form is the “vehicle that allows us to experience the earth hologram”.

With the knowledge that we all create and experience our “own hologram” through and within our “own body” it becomes easier to understand the desire to find the parental coding that will allow us to experience what we desire to experience or the environment we desire to experience which is created via thought beliefs. The genetic coding we inherit from the biological parents sets the initial backdrop for our hologram.

The agreement process normally occurs via absolute love and joy but that is dependent of the level of energy of all parties or the level of healing they have encountered at the sub-conscious mind level if they have been recycling through the earth system.

Because consciousness has been “trapped” within the sub-conscious mind of the earth system for thousands of years the process of reincarnation has unfolded but reincarnation is not an organic aspect of our healed expression, it is an aspect of being trapped in time.

If consciousness has not allowed enough time to recoup some in the sub-conscious mind before incarnating into the earth hologram again then they may very well birth with so much imbalance that they seem to be on a mission of revenge, chaos and destruction. Such consciousness will seek out genetic coding which allows access to such imbalanced desires.

The point is, we all choose our parents based on our own desires of experiencing but once embodied within the earth hologram and per the memory wipe that occurs we all forget why we came and then are subjected to the programming of the hologram.

People who report hearing voices in their heads are considered by main stream to be mentally ill but main stream does not understand the truth of mental illness. They are brainwashed to believe that mental illness can include any means of chemical imbalance that does not allow an individual to “fit” into the program, follow the rules and behave like a “normal person”. There is no proven test that determines the mental state of anyone and such is based on what the majority “believes” is mental wellness. For those who do not fit into what the majority believes is the way they should act, the main “treatment” option is pharma drugs to keep the person in a medicated state and hopefully allow them to live a life on earth in which they can conform to the program, do no harm to their self or to others.

Such a thought could ask the question, how many people running the earth drama should be held in a medicated state of mind?

People who report hearing voices in their heads really do hear voices in their heads. What should be paid attention to is what the voices are telling those people to do instead of telling them they are mentally ill and doping them up on drugs to turn them into a vegetable. If people are a threat to their self or a threat to society then they need to be held in an environment where they cannot harm anyone but that does not mean they are beyond being loved.

For an incarnating soul to be able to plug their energy into an earth body form the body must be able to house and support their energy so the inherited energy of the biological parents determine if the body form will support the incarnating soul. It is a well thought out plan by most incarnating consciousness unless it is imbalance that drives them to hurry up and incarnate again.

The wonderful thing about all of that is that no eternal life expression will need to reincarnate into this earth system again as they will be released from being trapped once they finish this life experience.

There are a multitude of reasons why we choose the biological parents we do to host us into the earth hologram but for any child that speaks the age old statement in anger to their parents that, “they did not choose to be born”, they are incorrect and have simply forgotten the truth.

The role of playing a parent to assist an incarnating soul into the hologram comes with responsibility at least until the time when the soul is able to venture out on their own and take care of their own needs. But once that time comes, they are no longer our responsibility. That does not mean we stop loving them, especially if you are the mother and carried the growing fetus in your womb for nine months. The genetic bond with the fetus alone is of your own energy and so the love never fades for a loving parent.

The incarnating soul does not enter into the newly co-created body form until during the birthing process or as soon as the fetus leaves the mother’s womb. I know there remains much debate about that because science is able to see the development of the fetus in the womb but the development of the fetus is dependent on the mother’s energy alone and the incarnating soul does not begin animating the body form until it is able to plug its energy into the body form.

The mother’s system and body could not house the energy of the incarnating soul, it would be too much energy for the mother’s body and would harm the mother’s body. The incarnating soul will hang around the mother in a desire to bond with her while the fetus grows in her womb but cannot enter into her body system. Sometimes this bond does not occur and especially if the mother has not accepted the role to parent the incarnating soul.

Sometimes the incarnating soul is incarnating into the earth system for the first time and they have no idea how strong the imbalance of being embodied within a body of this system is until they embody within it. For many such souls the experience is overwhelming and they cannot handle it. They can “choose” to change their mind about the life experience for about 6 months after birthing, before the chakra system takes on the full configuration of the imbalance and traps them within the body.

For such souls who change their mind about the life experience, they may leave the body for seemingly no reason and we call this crib death or infant death syndrome. It is not any fault of the parents but simply the soul changing their mind. They will most likely try again at a later time and usually with the same parents.

Simply because the masses of earth have forgotten the truth of creation, the beliefs of the parents and regional culture are then programmed into the body of the incarnating soul via genetic inheritance and the non-truth continues to be passed on from one generation to the next. That is what needs to heal to be able to assist our children as much as possible in their life experience journey.

When we remember truth as adults we should not keep it from the children simply because it does not fit into the accepted paradigm of thinking. The children rely on us to tell them the truth and doing so requires speaking a language they can understand just like everything else that is taught to the children.

As adults we tend to hide truth from children thinking we are protecting them from a cruel world but that is like putting a child into a sterile environment to protect them from viruses and then when they have to venture out from that environment they become ill with every virus because their body was not able to create immunity to the viruses.

Children can handle the truth and they can handle a whole lot more than adults give them credit for. If they do not understand something then it just bounces off of them and they pay it no attention so we must be creative and find ways to assist them to remember the truth.

A child’s body and brain is like an empty sponge just waiting to be programmed and an inner desire to experience and know it all like yesterday. The excitement of self discovery is why so many children fight sleep, they just don’t want to miss any moment of the adventure.

Baby’s that have their days and nights mixed up are simply adjusting to the environment of the rate of energy of accretion of their environment and of course this can create much stress on the lives of the parents who are already adjusted to the accretion rate of energy. In our healed expression we do not need to sleep, consciousness does not need to sleep. When consciousness embodies into a earth human body they have a whole lot of things to adjust to.

The baby body experience really is not a fun experience. We are older than dirt souls who enter into a system where we experience memory wipe but may retain some pieces of memory for a short time. Pieces of memory that we should be able to do things like fly but we cannot even crawl let alone walk.

We are totally dependent on someone to take care of all of our needs and the first need is one of hunger which is a rather scary experience to adjust to as we do not need to supplement our energy needs with food and water until we enter into the distortion of the earth system. We must ensure our needs of hunger will be met.

We are adjusting to a chemical sea within our body that is still developing and creates all kinds of uncomfortable chemical reactions. We cannot talk to convey our desires, we have hardly any hair to keep us warm and the body fills up with gas pretty quickly.

The baby body experience is not an experience that many would enjoy remembering and reliving any time soon but it is a necessary experience to embody within this hologram.

The TV has become a baby sitter in many homes starting with the infant stage; anything to make the child be quite to allow the parents some peace and quiet for awhile, especially if they are sleep deprived. And even babies are accreting energy very quickly to gather their beliefs that will determine what their personal hologram is going to look like to them.

Babies, the elderly and the sick require more sleep than most of the population because of the condition of their body and how much energy the body can accrete during any daily cycle. When the body reaches it saturation point of energy the body forces itself into sleep mode with the release of melatonin in the brain.

Science does not yet know why the body requires sleep and continue to search for that answer. The reason is because the body can only hold as much energy as it can hold per any accretion cycle. When the body forces the sleep cycle it is working to repair what damage it can to the body system and adjust to the next cycles higher rate of accretion.

The human body can only “house” so much energy and when it begins reaching its critical mass of accretion the aging cycle begins showing within the body. The incarnate consciousness continues to accrete energy and this eventually over loads the body with energy which forces the death cycle of the body.

As long as we have part of our conscious energy embodied within a human body form the operation of the human body form determines what our hologram will present and experience as.

In our healed, balanced expression we create our own body form to represent us in a hologram and it is not a dense, biological form as is the human body form, it is not made of the dense elements of a hologram or the matter base of a hologram, such as carbon. Our healed holographic body is made of pure light and sound and to our current awareness would look like a giant body of light.

Our healed holographic body expression looks like a light body because it does not hold chemical DNA as the human body requires, it is created from the radiated energy of our vertical pillar or “radiation”. Because it is not a dense matter biology, it is not affected by gravity and so we “can fly” and babies still hold some memory of that fact depending on how long they can hold the vertical pillar before it takes on the distortion of the earth system.

But, because the vertical pillar of the earth system is now back in alignment, souls who continue to birth into the system will be able to do so holding more flows of energy open within their self. But they must still inherit the parental genetic coding to birth here which means they will still take on the imbalance of the earth system.

The human body form cannot house the amount of energy of our light body expression, that much energy would blow up the human body form. Perhaps try to imagine putting the radiation from a nuclear power plant into a human body and you get the idea. Even the tiny bit of energy of the embodying consciousness is too much energy for the body form of the host mother and is why the embodying consciousness does not enter into the fetus until the birth moment.

If the embodying consciousness entered into the fetus while the fetus is still growing in the mother’s womb there would not be anything such as still births as the embodying consciousness would control the growth of the fetus on their own but they cannot do that as it would kill the mother’s body if they entered their consciousness into the mother’s body.

The soul is not able to simply create their own human body form to then enter their consciousness into because of the fragmentation of the earth system that separated the male and female energy. When a soul steps their energy down to the low level of the earth system their energy instantly takes on the fragmentation and it requires being able to run equal amounts of male – electrical and female – magnetic energy to self create a body form.

So, to even get embodied into the earth system is a major process for an incarnating soul.

Because the incarnating soul can only birth with a tiny part of their consciousness into a baby body form they encounter the effect of memory loss as memory is held within the higher energy of our consciousness. This is why a baby is a “clean slate” who knows nothing; they know nothing of the earth system, how things work or what things are.

Everything we know we are “taught” after incarnating into the earth system and we learn most everything that shapes our personal hologram from those who parent us.

Babies do not simply learn from structured instruction, they learn through all of their 5 senses. They learn by watching and hearing their parents and those around them which means they learn by picking up the energy of those around them. They learn by “accreting thoughts” the same way all of us do.

Accreting energy is what allows the baby body to grow. We have been “taught” that growth of the body occurs from food and water but food and water only supply the body the energy it cannot receive on its own to continue to operate, food and water are only the gas that allows the vehicle to continue to operate. As long as the body can continue to operate then the embodied consciousness continues to accrete energy and continues to grow the body which allows the body to house more energy.

But the human body can only house so much energy and the effects of what we call old age setting in is the process of the body becoming taxed with energy which continues to crush the elements of the body from the inside as well as the virus held within the matter base of earth creating viruses within the body. The human body is under constant attack by viruses and all viruses of the earth system are cousins to the major cosmic virus that originally created the fragmentation of the consciousness of the earth system.

This is why the body is constantly trying to heal itself but eventually reaches a point when it cannot hold enough energy to continue fighting off the damage of viruses.

The tiny amount of our consciousness that we birth into the human body with is called the “birth quantum” and as we continue to accrete energy by drawing thoughts unto our self the body grows and allows us to hold more thoughts, which become thought memories.

How Can We Assist Our Children To Remember Truth?

Here are some things to consider. Of course what we “choose” to teach our children will always be based on what we choose to believe our selves. There is much to consider in the aspect of accepting the role of a parent. Most loving parents desire their children’s lives to be more pleasant than their own but it would be wise not to relive your life through your child. Consider the things you would have chosen differently and share your experiences with them. Ultimately, the child’s life is their own and they have free will to choose for their self what they desire to experience.

  • Do not try to squelch the bits of memory they may hold onto but encourage them to talk about what they remember. It may not make any sense to us but it does not need to, it makes sense to them.
  • Teach them the truth of Source, that they are Source embodied in words they can understand and expand upon those words as they grow to learn more of the earth language.
  • Teach them that only they are responsible for creating everything they will experience.
  • Teach them how to meditate and why it is important.
  • Teach and encourage them to learn as much as possible about the way their human body works.
  • Encourage their creative skills and talk to them about their creations. They may not look like anything to you but to them they hold very intricate thought patterns.
  • Encourage their imagination.
  • Teach them what self responsibility means.
  • Teach them to pay attention to their body and the energy flowing through their body. Assist them to remember how to be aware of “sensing energy”. Children have a very short attention span because they are holding a very small amount of energy. They need to be assisted back into focus just as adults do but more often.
  • Teach them that they are perfect and divine and so too are all other life forms. They are not better than or less than anyone or anything.
  • Teach them how to have fun without the “need” to be a winner as they cannot always be the winner within everything they experience determined by the programs of earth that define a winner.
  • Explain as best you can and adjust as they continue to grow that very few people know of the truths they know of and may not see things in the same way. That it is not about trying to convince others of what they know and believe but learning how to allow others to believe as they choose and love them regardless.
  • Teach them about compassion, love, sympathy and empathy. Children learn how to express love by watching others and they learn how NOT to express love by watching others. If their environment is one void of love they will learn how not to express love.
  • Teach them that no one can make them happy and why, explain that happiness is a choice that occurs within us.
  • Teach them about abundance verses hording.
  • Teach them how sharing allows returns to come back to them.
  • Teach them about danger and why danger exists, how to protect their self – not only their body but their energy.
  • Teach them how precious life is and that they have a right to protect their personal space and create their own boundaries to do so.
  • Teach them about death of the physical body, why it occurs and where consciousness will go once they leave the earth hologram.
  • Teach them the power of their thoughts and that their thoughts will determine everything they will experience during their earth life experience. Teach them the importance of being mindful and thought aware.
  • Teach them why there are rules within the earth system they must follow to allow balance unto their life but not to back down for any injustice they become aware of and feel they need to speak out against. Teach them the art of communication verses battle.
  • Teach them to see the joy, love and beauty in all things and how to have fun when performing tasks they might rather not do.
  • Teach them respect and kindness and to allow the same respect for other’s boundaries they desire for their own.
  • Teach them how to forgive and why it is important to forgive.

This list could go on for quite some time but ultimately, as a parent, your choices will set the stage for your child’s life and determine their own strength to continue to make choices that will assist them in creating as much balance as possible within their life experience.

Remember, your child does not belong to you. You have simply agreed to play a role of assisting a soul to incarnate into the earth hologram. Your child is an individual, self sovereign expression of Source and you only think of them as your child because you agreed to co-create a body form to allow them to incarnate into the earth system. They are actually YOU! They are simply another expression of your Source expression and they have free will to choose as they desire.

It is time to heal completely into balance the ancient false belief that “children should be seen and not heard”. If we take time to listen to the children they can teach us many amazing things. They have access to an uncountable number of thought memories and assisting them to remember those memories would be to the advantage of the entire earth population. They hold the ability to see things quite differently than we currently may be able to do. Instead of trying to force them to “conform” ask them how they would go about accomplishing a task, you may be surprised.

The children have a tough task ahead of them but they knew that before choosing to come here and they are more than prepared to handle it, much more so than their current adult predecessors are.