Sound Healing


This is a very long post that most likely will be included in Book 3, which I now know the title will be the Mind-Body Connection. Other than the following information, I do not yet know what else will be included in Book 3. I am sharing this here because I feel it is of great importance.

With a bit more understanding about “sound” opening within me, I was recently day dreaming about having some kind of “external” sound healing device. This brought an image into my awareness of some such handheld device that was supposed to “reset sound tones” when touched to the body. Seeing that image, fed my day dreams.

This began a conversation within my higher conscious mind that continues to feel more to me like a student attending class. I am completely aware it is simply a matter of sparks opening more thoughts within me to become aware of but, it still feels to me like attending class. That is because it feels “new” to me when I remember more pieces of something.

As more awareness about such a device opened within me, I became aware that the image I was seeing is some kind of technology that was created in another time line. That too opened more within the conversation about time lines and the fact that the accelerating accretion rate we are experiencing is allowing us to integrate and jump time lines quickly. More understanding about time lines will be included in Book 2.

Suffice to say, all of “perceived creation” is the result of sound waves, which create sound particles, which create the illusion of manifest matter. In understanding this, it then seems natural to desire to remember how to conduct sound to facilitate healing. Hence, my day dreaming.

The dream of having some kind of external tool to facilitate such, allowed a conversation stream of thoughts to open within that shows we can do this with our “organic tools” and do not need the illusion of an external tool. Of course, we can also work with any tools that “seem” external to us as they are actually thought images we create within our self, as all manifest matter is.

We ARE working with sound tools when we consciously work to focus within, focus on love and fill our self with the love of Source. Thought is the “cause” that creates sound. Thought ripples within us as sound waves, which polarize or “reverberate” within our auric field (mind body system). Polarized energy is vibrating sound waves. We might think of that with something like a tuning fork. When we strike the tuning fork, we hear sound vibrating. What we are actually hearing is the vibration of a thought. When we do something like scream in the grand canyon and hear the echo return to us, we are hearing the vibration of a thought.

Polarized energy is the sound of thought creating sound waves and we experience them as a hologram “within” our own auric field, via our body-mind connection, when thoughts flow back through our body-mind system. Experiencing the sound of thoughts as manifest matter is very much like an echo except the body form allows us to experience the echo via the sense regions of the brain.

Imagine standing in the grand canyon and creating an echo and being able to not only hear the echo but also see it, touch it, smell it and taste it. It is possible to do such a thing, once your physical body sense regions become heightened. How we experience the echo of sound is determined by the “encryption” held within the projected thought and how the echo of the encryption is translated to our awareness within the brain.

The brain records the experiences we have and catalogues them with the senses. Some people can hear and taste the sound of color because there is more brain activity in the sense regions that are firing to allow the experience. Most likely, you can imagine a taste that you like and remember quite well and as you focus on that taste, it is as if you begin to taste it again, even if you are not actually putting the taste into your mouth. Hence, the statement, “I can almost taste it”.

The brain does not discern between us having the actual, physical experience of something or simply sitting and “thinking” we are having the actual experience of something. But the brain does require energy so we could not keep the body alive simply by imagining we are eating. Feeding the body is the process of supplementing the energy the body requires and cannot receive on its own. It is a process of fragmented consciousness merging fragmented energy back together. Fragmented conscious energy equates to fragmented sound tones.

Everything that we draw to our self and experience, is the process of regrouping sound tones. This becomes apparent when we remember that all of perceived manifest matter is the result of sound waves creating sound particles. Sound particles group together to retain a form that is encrypted via thought instructions. Chemicals and elements are units of sound particles which are units of radiation or “radiated sound”.

Simply by having the earth life experience, we are drawing to our selves the sound tones of the hologram and grouping them back together so that they can reform the original symphony. This is the process of accreting energy.

Since it is the “sound of thoughts” that return to us and allow us to have the holographic experience, the process of “retuning disharmonic sound tones” is the process of taking them unto our self and retuning them. It is the process of becoming aware of imbalance and allowing it to return to balance.

The process of creating balance within the body system IS the process of creating more resonate sound tones and returning disharmonic sound tones to a resonate state. Disharmonic sound tones are the “cause” for pain and illness within the body and sub-conscious mind. Disharmonic sound tones are the result of fragmented thought patterns. Fragmented thought patterns are sound tones that are out of sequence from the proper place in the original symphony or have been thrown into a different pattern.

Sound tones (particles) being thrown into a different patterns occurs via energy loss which changes the vibration rate of units of sound particles. This brings us full circle, with greater understanding, of what it means to shift into a higher rate of vibration.

Pain, illness and disease are the result of disharmonic sound tones and, displaced, disharmonic sound tones, within the personal auric field (body and sub-conscious mind in the earth system). When human’s do things like harvest natural resources, they are displacing disharmonic sound tones.

The earth consciousness has had to re-evolve via a dense biological form that requires energy supplementation, the simple fact of supplementing the body with the energy it requires, displaces disharmonic sound tones. However, it is also a process of the earth consciousness regrouping disharmonic sound tones. Which means, it is the process of putting a fragmented puzzle back together.

Creating more balance within the personal body-mind system is a process of “whole body – sub-conscious mind healing” and working to fill our self with the loving energy of Source allows for the highest sound waves possible to flow through the whole system, to allow balance to be reset within the layers of the whole system.

My brain still required more assistance for “immediate issues” though. So, the conversation has continued over many days and I am sure it is not finished yet. It is a matter of healing in steps to allow more understanding to open within.

In the course of the conversation, I became more aware of the need to locate areas that are “draining energy” from the body-mind system. In this moment, one such issue of major concern needs to be addressed immediately throughout the entire earth population. That issue is parasites that live within the human body.

If you eat food and drink water, you have parasites living within your body. Science says there are at least 600 “known” parasites that the human body can host. There are more that science does not yet know about. And, some parasites can host other parasites.

The human body holds many different bacteria which assist to make up the biology of the human body. Bacteria play a role in delivering electrical signals of thoughts to the brain. They work like an information network. Parasites are bacteria that are harmful to the body. They live, replicate and thrive by stealing energy from the biology. Parasites thrive within the earth matter base because the earth matter base is finite, which means the matter base decays. That is what fossil fuels are, decaying, biological organisms.

Such decay does not occur within a healed hologram, created by balanced consciousness as, the energy is too high to allow decay to occur. Decay is a process of biological organisms breaking down over a long period of time, which equates into fragmented sound tones. Perhaps you are getting a greater understanding the issues loss of energy allows for.

The human body is a temporary, biological form made of dense units of matter OR sound tones that hold very little energy within them but enough that a spark of the higher consciousness of Source can embody within them. That is why the human body is a work of art of merging the sound tones of the matter base of the earth system, to allow the co-creation of a form, the faces of Source can re-evolve through.

However, because it is a form made of the dense units of sound of the fragmented consciousness, it is a form that experiences decay, which means it is a temporary, finite form.

Sustaining the form for as long as possible requires maintaining the operation of the form for as long as possible and this is no different than ensuring high maintenance on your car. It requires some basic understanding on what the body needs to remain in as much balance as possible. The main thing the body needs is energy. If something robs energy from the body, the body will begin the process of decay and we experience the process of the body decaying as illness and disease.

Parasites rob energy from the body so, they are a major issue in the creation of illness and disease. Because they rob energy from the body, they compromise the immune system of the body and the body has less energy to fight off the attacks of parasites. Parasites set the stage for viruses to grow, within the body.

The epidemic of human body parasite infestation is so strong that some scientist feel the parasites “rule the world”. They are very close to being correct. That is because parasites change the encryption of thought streams flowing back to the brain to be experienced by lowering the sound tones of the thought streams as they flow through the body system.

Of course the need to is to raise the energy of lower vibrating thoughts to a higher level of energy as they flow back through the body system and back into mind. That had not been possible when the vertical mind pillar was disconnected from the body but it is now reconnected. However, the body still has to be rewired to the vertical pillar and that process began in December of 2013 when the vertical pillar came back online.

Rewiring the body to the vertical pillar is the process of the body growing new neural networks which requires cell growth, which requires energy. This is why the majority of the adult population will not become aware of the truth while they remain in the physical body, as the body itself will not be able to receive and translate the energy of higher thoughts to allow them to become aware of truth.

However, things can be done to assist the body to receive more energy and one of those things is ridding the body of parasites that drain the energy the body needs.

My conscious mind guided me back to the Sodium/Calcium Bentonite Clay to remove parasites from the body. It is a natural, organic process and the parasites are drawn to the clay in and on the body and the body flushes them out. There are other products sold that are stated to allow for parasite removal but I am not versed in other products. Caution is advised, as most products are simply a laxative and that does not remove parasites. It is a harsh way to clean out the colon.

Science knows of the issue of parasite infestation within the population yet, it is not an issue addressed by medical science. There is not an effective product offered by the pharma industry to remove parasites and parasites continue to make people sick which other pharam drugs are designed to address the current moment ailment. Some known issues associated with parasite infestation include;

  • Acne
  • Allergies
  • Anemia
  • Bad breath.
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Cravings for sugar and carbs.
  • Diarrhea
  • Excess Weight
  • Gas and Bloating
  • Feeling hungry in a short time of eating.
  • Immune System Dysfunctions
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Joint and Muscle Aches and Pains
  • Nervousness
  • Skin Conditions, Itching, Rashes
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Tooth Grinding and Clenching

Parasites do not just travel via food and water, they can adhere to any solid surface a biological form touches such as, money, door handles, shopping carts and utensils used to serve food. There is no escaping the parasites of earth as they are part of the earth system. It is useless to try to live in a sterile environment, perhaps afraid to touch anything ever again or leave your home. This only puts the body at greater risk for illness as it does not have the opportunity to build up immunity to the organisms that create disease. Disease causing organisms also travel in the air we breathe so, trying to hide is useless.

Parasites live and thrive the most within the system of mammals but they exist in the entire earth system so even vegetarians consume parasites. Parasite infestation is the origin of thoughts held within ancient cultures of something being “unclean” and is why certain animals were forbidden to eat.

Cooking food kills some of the parasites but not all of them. Many fruits and vegetables are eaten raw so, can allow for more parasite infestation than cooked foods. The way foods are grown and transported also allows for a stronger parasite infestation, before it makes it to your body.

Therefore, the process of ridding the body of parasites needs to be an ongoing, daily process and every person on the planet should be made aware of this issue and how to safely remove parasites from the body. The process should begin as soon as baby births, up until we remove our consciousness from the earth system.

I have seen recent articles from science that speak of a mind in the gut and resetting the biological clock via a colon cleanse. I am not sure such information is aware that the issue is related to parasite infestation. The mind of the gut is the sub-conscious mind and the parasites are playing a role in looping the fragmented thought patterns of the sub-conscious mind. It is all about resonate sound tones and what sound tones group together to create a specific vibration. The brain then translates the vibration of sound tones to allow us to experience them.

This information should be taught to every child. Everyone has the right to know how their body works and how to keep it working as best as possible for as long as possible. I remember a few years ago, I had spent several hours in deep focus and conversation with my conscious mind, when myself says to me, “you had better give the brain some sugar now”. It took me a few seconds to realize the meaning was to go eat food now. Children should be taught why the body needs food and water to supply it the energy it needs to function correctly and what types of food offer the greatest amount of energy.

Why would anyone who understands these things not desire to ensure the world is educated? Could it be that sick people are worth more money than healthy people? I suppose that would depend on the system in place to play with the illusion of money.

I have been using the clay for some time now and since this understanding has opened within me, I have intensified my use of it. Get it in and on the body each day. I am noticing many wonderful changes within my body from the clay. You can paint it on specific areas of pain and it will assist to ease the pain. I do this by making a clay paste and then using a rubber spatula to reach hard to reach areas or simply my hands to create a thin layer. I then let it dry and leave it on the body until bath time.

The clay really assists with heartburn, diverticulitis and arthritis. Paint it on points where arthritis exists. There are so many things it assists with, I cannot list them all.

I have been given an exercise from my conscious mind to assist with pinpoint healing in the body, to bring more sound tones into a specific area. As soon as I am sure it is complete and ready for me to type, I will post it here in the Self Healing Section.