The Power of You

powerofyouThis writing is also intended for book 3. It is most likely a chapter. It is so powerful, that I must share it now.

What are we capable of? As Source embodied, what are we capable of creating?

When we remember that everything we experience are thoughts, that flow through our brain, we can remember, we are capable of creating anything and everything. Even when we forget our ability to create, we continue to create.

The challenge for the past 26,000 years was, thoughts could not be raised to a higher level of energy. That is no longer the case. The higher energy thoughts that speak of love and balance, are the ones that are creating the changes within yourself, and within the collective.

The higher energy thoughts that speak of love and balance, come from your Source conscious mind. All of your thoughts should only be balanced thoughts. Balanced thoughts, that allow you to experience balance, love, joy, peace, abundance and happiness.

When you are finished with your earth mission, you will merge back into your Source conscious mind, and be able to experience anywhere you desire, within the time matrix galaxy. The challenge for 26,000 years was, the embodied consciousness of earth could not merge back into their Source conscious mind. That is no longer a challenge.

Thoughts or thought steams, that you become aware of, flowing within yourself, that are imbalanced, can be stopped and changed. First it requires becoming aware of the thoughts and recognize that is NOT what you desire to experience.

Such imbalanced thoughts weigh heavy in your body and brain. We would most likely say, they weigh heavy on our mind. It is not your mind they weigh heavy on. It has been the sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind is an inorganic state of mind, created by the fact that earth consciousness could not merge back into their conscious mind.

Your conscious Source mind is your 12th chakra mind. In the illusion you see of your manifest body, it surrounds the body to about 6 inches away from the body. It is an illusion because it actually exits at the core of your body, and your body surrounds your conscious mind. We experience the illusion of the conscious mind surrounding the body because, we are seeing the image of the body “return” to us and flow back through the body, to our mind.

In the illusion we see of our body, the sub-conscious mind surrounds, to about 3 inches, and permeates the body. That is because it is your conscious energy that became trapped within the matter base of the hologram and could not merge back into your conscious mind.

That is the return or back flow image we see of the body. The sub-conscious mind actually surrounds the conscious mind and expands out through the body, from the core of your expression. It is a “mind of body” and part of your “body of mind”. It is your energy and it is healing. When you merge back into your conscious mind, it will be completely healed.

Your conscious mind creates your body, to allow you to experience thoughts. Only your conscious mind should be in control of your body. Your conscious mind had not been able to be in control of your body because, it became disconnected from your body. That is no longer the case. Your conscious mind is once again connected to your body.

The condition of your body is the determining factor of how you will experience thoughts. The vibration rate of the body determines how thoughts will be experienced in your brain. Your entire life experience is experienced in your brain. You cannot become aware of anything, until your brain translates the energy of thoughts, to your awareness.

Thoughts that flow through you, that are creating any state of imbalance in your life, are thoughts vibrating at a low rate of energy. There is a balanced, higher vibration rate of every thought, of every stream of thoughts.

The vibration rate of the thoughts, that flow through you, is what creates “probable time lines”. Probable time lines are simply probable experiences, based on the vibration rate of your body. All experiences exist in the exact same space, you are experiencing within. Imbalanced experiences are the result of a low vibration body. Balanced experiences are the result of a high vibration body.

Thought streams that weigh heavy on your body and emotions, weigh heavy because, the body’s vibration rate is expressing at a very low level of energy. You can change that!

Heavy, imbalanced thoughts take control of the body. The emotions become tied up in knots. The body feels like it is wired to explode. The stress level soars. The heart and breathing rate increases. You may try to keep busy and take your mind off of the thoughts, flowing through you. Most likely you discover, you cannot focus or concentrate, as the thoughts continue to flow.

You may be experiencing any number of experiences, of which you do not yet know the outcome. You may imagine several different scenarios, playing out in your brain. There could be someone else in your drama, whom you feel is standing in your way of a positive outcome.

What you are experiencing are “probable experiences” of the same thought stream. The brain does not discern thoughts. The brain hardwires a stream of thoughts based on the vibration rate of the body. When a stream of thoughts are hardwired by the brain, the body and brain will proceed to create the necessary cells, to relay the locked in experience, so that you can experience it in your brain.

When you feel like your emotions are tied up in knots, the cells of the body are creating the necessary coding required, for you to experience the stream of thoughts. The emotions feel like they are tied up in knots because the process affects the entire hormonal system. This is what creates the “fight or flight” experience. You may feel like a caged animal, sitting on the edge of your seat. You may feel like the entire world is shooting arrows in your direction.

All such feelings are the result of the vibration rate of the body. You may not be able to sleep or eat. Everywhere you look, you see the issue at hand. You cannot see love and joy, because the issue at hand is blocking it from your view. You may become a couch potato and try to zone out, so you can stop thinking about the perceived issue before you.

You may resort to over eating, binge eating, the use of drugs or alcohol, going on a shopping spree or a gambling spree, just to try to shut up the thoughts and emotions that are flowing through your body. Anything to take your attention off of the issues that seem to be beyond your control.

For people who have been dealing with imbalanced experiences for years, they may resort to crimes and murder. It is what creates emotional breakdowns. It is why people take their own lives. They cannot see any other way out of the inner misery they are experiencing.

It is what creates all dis-ease in the body. The human body can only hold so much energy, but it can hold a whole lot more than had been available. In the illusion we see of the hologram being around us, the collective human body, can hold the energy of the hologram we see up through the layer of the atmosphere we call the troposphere. That is a whole lot of energy! The individual human body can hold as much energy as its unique vibration rate will allow for. That is still a whole lot more energy than had been available.

You are supposed to be in “charge” of your life experience. Your life experience is not supposed to be in charge of you. You hold the ability to determine what you will experience, by adjusting the vibration rate of your body. You do not “have” to experience imbalance, just because you are assisting to heal imbalance. The collective goal is to heal as much of the imbalance as possible. That occurs “through each individual”.

How many times have you said, “what if” this person does that, or what if that occurs? How many times have you heard someone else say “what if”? We hear what if from all directions of the hologram, perhaps on a daily basis. What If thoughts are “probable thought experiences”. The brain has not yet hardwired them to be experienced. The body has not yet created the necessary cell coding to allow the experience to manifest in the hologram of the brain.

“What If” thoughts flow through the body and brain similar to a gambling machine. When the machine stops, the brain has hardwired the thought streams that lead to the outcome of the experience. It is then simply a matter of walking through the steps of the experience.

The brain does not discern thoughts. Its’ only function is to keep the body operating, and instruct the body to create the necessary coding to allow you to experience your thoughts. All negative thoughts of worry and fear lower the vibration rate of the body. This allows the “same stream of thoughts” to vibrate at lower levels of energy. This allows for imbalanced thought experiences.

When the body has created all of the necessary coding, for the vibration of the stream of thoughts, the brain hardwires the vibration of the thought stream, so it can be experienced. This is what “reaching a critical mass of energy” means.

This is what allows free will choice! The ability to look at the thoughts that flow through us and determine if they are thoughts we desire to experience.

  • Awareness: You must first become aware of your thoughts, instead of simply allowing them to control you. This requires being thought aware and mindful. When you become aware of the imbalanced thoughts, stop them in that moment. Look at them. Discern if that is what you desire to experience. Discernment occurs in the mind, not the brain. Allow your mind a few seconds to look at the stream of thoughts and decide if you want to experience them, as they are flowing. OR, if you want to experience them in anyway. You do not have to!
  • Command your brain: I do NOT desire to experience these thoughts. OR, I ONLY desire to experience the “balanced expression” of these thoughts. Be loving, but forceful, with your intention. I DO NOT desire to experience this pain! I now Command this pain to leave my body!
  • Fill yourself with love: Sit down, take a few deep breaths, relax your body and begin filling your body with love. This is what raises the vibration rate of your body. If you need to remember what love feels like, you can use a Loving Joy Song or a Loving Joy memory. Once you remember what love feels like, never forget it again or how to remember it. Love is your Power! Love is your balanced weapon to heal all imbalance that flows through you.
  • Program your brain: Begin a series of I AM statements to program your brain. Simultaneously, continue to focus on filling your body with love. As you use your I AM statements, command them into your body. Try not to use more than six I AM statements at a time. There is no need to overwhelm the brain with instructions. Below are some suggested I AM statements.
    I AM JOY

This will command the chemicals and cells of your body to create what is necessary for you to experience in balance. This IS what “elemental command is”! Never allow yourself to believe you do not have control of your body, and your life experience. Never accept as your fate, any imbalanced thoughts others present to you. They are not in control of your body, you are!

Here is a simple recording of a melody from my conscious mind. I became aware of this sometime ago, to program my brain. It has created amazing things in my life experience. I either mentally sing the I AM commands while playing the melody, or sing them out loud any time I feel like it. Simply alter the way you speak the words of the I AM commands to fit the melody.

Example; change I AM ABUNDANCE to I’M ABUNDANCE to fit the melody. The melody goes like this.


I Am love………. Yes I AM, yes I AM, I AM………….. (up to a higher level)

I AM love……….. Yes I AM, yes I AM, I AM…………..( back down to beginning tone)

You can DOWNLOAD the mp3 of the melody by clicking on download, and saving the file.

I would sing it for you but that would hurt your ears. Sing as if you are Tigger, in Winnie the Pooh, bouncing along on the tones of love and joy. Sing it as you go about your day.

Increase the speed, as you sing in a meditative state. Go faster and faster to increase the vibration rate, within the body. It is suggested “not” to focus on increasing the speed when your brain “needs” to focus on other things. The increased tones and words increases the vibration rate of the electrical signals in the brain quickly. The brain may miss something you need to know about, you may misstep or run into something.

The body is composed of sound. Sound tones, sung via the human voice, create a strong vibration within the body. Sing filled with joy, love and a feeling of floating on air!

Do not ignore an immediate body issue that requires assistance. Seek professional assistance. While working with the body’s moment of crises, continue to reprogram your brain. When the body is in a state of crisis, hardwired, imbalanced thoughts are running at a critical mass.

Thoughts that become habits are hardwired in the brain. The brain continues to play the same thought streams and you continue to experience the same thing. The amount of time hardwired thoughts have been running will determine the amount of time required to reprogram them, as well as your continued focus on raising the vibration rate of the body.

Choose the issue that presents the most imbalance to you in the moment. Focus on reprogramming that issue before moving on to another.

The body needs as much energy as it can get. That is all the body requires to function, energy. All energy is Source energy. There is no other energy but Source. Do as much as you can to supply the body with the energy it requires. Following is a list of awareness to assist your body to gain more energy.

  • Diet
  • Parasite removal.
  • Removal of toxins.
  • Removal of negative programming that seems to be coming at you.
  • Filling the body with love.
  • I Am programming.
  • Slow way down, relax. Enjoy the simple things in life.
  • Quiet time.
  • Activities that allow your body to feel at ease and loved.
  • New activities. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Keep learning new things. This allows the brain to continue to grow new cells and new cell connections.
  • Exercise that does not create pain. Why would anyone desire to create pain in their body?

How many people spend their day to day lives focusing on “what if” thoughts? What if it never rains again. What if we run out of water. What if the ice caps melt. What if the sun explodes, What if a planetary change occurs. What if I die.

This, Beloved faces of Source, is “how” we are co-creating the planetary holographic reality field. When two or more people, come together in like mind of healing and balance, the energy they can access increases three times in strength. It would only take 17% of the earth population to come together in like mind, and reprogram their thoughts to balanced thought experiences, to change the world, as we know it. 17% of the mass energy would equate to 51% energy. That 51% would over ride the remaining 49%. We would see miracles all around us.

All that is required is to stop the fear filled, imbalanced thoughts and reprogram them, to what we desire to experience. All that it requires is “Love”!

I have seeded the thought! Can we reach 17% of the population? You bet we can, but it will take all of us.

Reclaim your power! Take back control of your body and you will take back control of your life!