Product Assistance

It is my deepest desire that every person who desires this information have access to it. It is my passion, to share the love and truth of Source with all.

It has taken me over two years to heal and bring this information together and create illustrations. I must be fair to my Source self and allow a fair exchange of energy. But, I desire ALL of myself to heal into truth, not just those who may purchase an Ebook from me.

I know there are many people dealing with major lack and honestly cannot afford to purchase anything. I know there are people who wonder where their next meal is going to come from. Those people need this information NOW, so they can re-create their life experience.

I know there are people who feel everything in life should be free. I cannot really argue with that, because it should be. We are all experiencing an imbalanced reality field, to assist to heal the imbalance. Therefore, we must work within the limitations of the imbalance of this reality field. This information IS available to all. It is held within the planetary collective consciousness and more continues to open daily. All one has to do is to be able to access it.

Whatever your situation is, if you truly cannot, or are not willing, to purchase this information, just let me know and I will “give it to you for free”. My energy is more than worth assisting any face of my Source expression to heal in any way I am capable.

You can send me a message from THIS LINK. Please tell me what your situation is and ensure you include a correct name and the email address you desire to receive the product to. I will issue a voucher for you to acquire the product, with no questions asked.

Please note, I cannot answer personal questions via this form. I invite all to join the Ascension Whispers facebook group to ask questions. If I know the answer I will share it. If I do not, I will share that as well.

I intend only the highest blessings of Love and Joy for all.

Marie Love