Natural Mood Enhancers


When we use the word “natural” we are generally talking about something that occurs of its own accord, within nature, verses something that is created artificially by humans in a lab or production plant.

It should be of no surprise to anyone that the earth paradigm is ran and controlled via the artificial creations of humans. This is a result of both greed by some and the desire for more comfort by all.

A major example is of course the big pharma industry. Big pharma is about “copying” the natural and turning it into something that is not natural to create an affect. The corporations that control big pharma cannot “claim” the organic things that naturally occur in nature and profit from them so they must re-create something they can profit from. Of course, big pharma is one major sector of the machine that feeds and controls the world economy.

However, when we think of big pharma we are only talking about one method of stimulating affects. We are talking about chemical stimulation upon the body. There is much more that influences the human condition than what we know of as pharma products.

The brains of the majority of humanity have been “programmed” to believe they must rely on modern medicine for all body needs and to bring a body that is expressing imbalance back into balance. This actually means that humanity has been “dis-empowered”, believing that self has no control of self.

This dis-empowerment is not the fault of something such as big pharma or even those who control the earth paradigm. It is the “result” of humanity forgetting the truth that they are Source embodied. It is not the fault of anyone but a “reaction” to the “cause” of loss of the energy of Source, within humanity. All imbalance that expresses within the earth hologram is the result of the loss of Source energy, within humanity.

When we think of something such as “mood enhancers” we are actually talking about creating a balanced state of expression within the body. What occurs within the body to allow a balanced “feeling”? A balanced feeling occurs as the chemical reactions within the body operate in balanced harmony. However, the chemical reactions in the body are not simply influenced by substances we put into the body. They are influenced by ALL energy that flows through the body.

Substances put into the body are simply one area of influence and each body is affected uniquely by substances. Each body is affected uniquely not only by the substances artificially created through something such as big pharma by also by all things we consider to be organic in nature. This is because each body holds its unique chemical makeup. The unique chemical makeup of each body is what allows not only humanity but all things experienced, as an individual expression, to express as an individual expression.

All things within creation are Source, expressing as all things within creation. It does not matter if the thing perceived is a star, a solar system, a time matrix galaxy, an ant, a human, or a particle of light. All of creation is Source, expressing as all of creation. All of creation is the “thoughts” of Source. Thoughts do not “become something” until Source embodies within a container (body) that will allow thoughts to flow within the container to become something to experience.

The individual chemical expression of the container determines what thoughts will be “experienced as”, within each unique expression of Source. Since each person is Source embodied within a unique body form, that holds its unique chemical mixture, no two people experience thoughts exactly the same. This allows Source to experience the “probability” of all thoughts “at the same time”.

The mood of an individual is the result of the operation of their entire body/mind expression which determines how they are experiencing thoughts within their self. We call the mood the result of emotions. Emotions are the result of chemical reactions, occurring within the body.

All things perceived as manifest are actually “thoughts” being experienced uniquely within each person. To know how someone else is experiencing thoughts would require to become that someone else. We can share our experiences with each other and in doing so we can become aware of the similarities of what we are experiencing, but we cannot make another experience as we are.

The fact that humanity has forgotten what it means to express as an individual expression allows humanity to believe false ideas that there is one template or one blueprint that all of humanity should fit into. This is the premise or foundation behind the entire earth paradigm. It is a false belief that currently continues to divide humanity.

The control of humanity desires to put all of humanity into one box and force all to conform to the conditions set forth to the environment of the box. This applies within all systems humanity has created. It applies within religion, science, education, health, diet, physical body expression, the environment and all walks of life, within the earth system.

Science continues to express the false belief that all human bodies should operate the same way. If all human bodies operated the same way, there would not be unique individual expressions of Source. There would simply be a collection of robots ran by the same program. Sound familiar? It sure does make controlling humanity easier.

One major area to look, when the body expresses in an out of balanced state, is the diet. Of course there is the thought that one should rely on someone else, who is reported to be an expert, to tell them the best diet for their body. No one can tell another the best diet for their body as no one but the individual knows how their diet “feels”, within their body. What causes imbalance or balance in one body may not apply to anyone else, yet it may apply to several but not all.

We could think of our body as a car that allows us to have the earth life experience. To understand what will best support the operation of our body/car we must pay attention to it and not ignore the influence our personal environment has upon our body.

The influence of the environment is the result of experiencing thoughts. The individual chemical makeup of each body means that not all bodies are “coded” to experience all thoughts with the same balanced reaction.

Because the “experience” occurs “as we experience thoughts” we will not become aware of the influence of the experience until we have experienced it. We do not become aware of the chemical reaction in our body until the chemical reaction is already set in motion, within the body.

This becomes quiet obvious when we eat a meal. The challenge with a meal is that it generally includes many different types of food products, each holding their unique chemical composition. Our body is similar to a science lab, in which chemicals are mixed to create a reaction. Mixing of different chemicals generate different chemical responses, which in turn, create different feelings and emotions.

The chemicals that compose the body are a result of the coding held within the DNA and the instructions the DNA transmits to the chemicals to create a chemical recipe. However, DNA is the coding that allows each of us to experience the same earth reality field. It is the coding of the earth hologram and is why humans do not experience a different planetary reality field. That is why the DNA of each human is 99.99 percent the same. It also holds the coding to learn a language.

The coding that allows for our unique chemical recipe is held within the mitochondrial DNA, which is only passed on via the female.

If the brain does not learn a language, which is the same thing as programming the brain with a language, it has no stored data to translate what we experience to our awareness, allowing us to know what to call something. Humans have a tendency of labeling someone who has not been programmed adequately with a language as illiterate. Of course that is based on the false beliefs held within humanity that humanity uses to define intelligence.

A programmed language only allows us to communicate with each other, it does not determine what we experience, simply how we “perceive” what we experience. This becomes apparent when we look at the animal and planet life forms. They are extremely intelligent but had not been considered so by humanity because they do not fit into the definition humanity has created of intelligence. All of creation is intelligent. It is the conscious energy of Source, and I can assure you that Source is the most intelligent expression that exists.

Happiness is also the result of chemical reactions, occurring within the body. That is why no one can “make” someone else happy. The feeling of love is also a result of chemical reactions and is why there are many different feelings of the feeling of love.

When we think of something such as natural mood enhancers, we are actually talking about the desire to create chemical balance, within our own body. We are all aware that many types of chemicals can create some very strange experiences, in the body.

However, the mood of an individual is also influenced by “unseen” energy that circulates all around and within us. Humans have created a basket to put all of that unseen energy into and labeled the basket, electromagnetic energy. There really is no such thing as magnetic energy, simply electrical energy that expands in opposite directions. The experience of a “magnetic field” is the result of polarized electrical energy being pulled, or contracting back, into the center, still, creation point. This is also what creates what humans have labeled gravity.

The planetary hologram is a sphere of energy, created by the collective energy of humanity. Each person is a sphere is energy, currently held within the sphere of the planetary hologram. In such terms, we could think of each person as a cell, held within a large cell we call the planet, which is held within a large cell we call the sun. The sun could be considered a cell held within the large cell we call the galaxy which could be considered a large cell held within the mind of Source.

Just as the cells that make up your body are affected by the environment they are held within, so too is your entire body affected by the environment of the planetary body-cell, which is influenced by the sun body. This is our “local system” and everything that occurs within our local system influences our individual body expression. Our local system is a closed system but only because the sun expresses at its unique level of energy expression,which creates the illusion of it being separated within the galactic plane.

We are currently experiencing within the system we call home and all things within that system influence the experience we are having in our earth life experience. This means that each time the sun releases more energy into the solar plane, the chemicals that compose the planetary cell are influenced, which in turn influences the cells that compose our personal body. There are a few fields of science who have recently began to study the influence the solar storms have on the human body and the reason this field of study is new is because humanity has stepped into a cycle of healing that is rapidly allowing them to heal to remember their expression as the sun.

The mental, spiritual and physical well being of humanity affects ALL of humanity. It also affects the entire planetary hologram, which we call a biosphere. This can be likened to the way each cell within your body is affected by the environment inside of your body. To say that the planet feels emotions is an understatement as the emotions of the planet are the collective emotions of humanity.

To conclude these thoughts on natural mood enhancers, it should now be apparent that ALL thoughts we become aware of, and interact with, effect our mood. Therefore, understanding what affects your mood is a process of becoming aware of your body and paying attention to what you are experiencing and how it influences your mood.

If you find yourself in a constant bad mood, it only requires to look at all things you are experiencing and remove the things that create a negative chemical reaction, within your body. It only requires to replace all negative influences with “thoughts” that will allow you to experience positive chemical reactions. It is a process of “becoming thought aware”, aware of how thoughts affect your body. It is a matter of making better choices that will allow you to have the life experience you desire.

There is nothing wrong in seeking assistance to create more balance within the chemicals that compose our body. There are millions dealing different stages of depression, all created by chemical reactions in the body. Try to consider such assistance temporary to allow you a better space to work within while you work to figure out what things you need to omit from your life or heal the way you experience them. There are natural products that can assist with the feelings of depression. An issue with pharma products is they are not natural and may create more issues, in the body.

Do not just stop taking any pharma drugs you may be taking as this would create an adverse chemical upset in the body. Stopping such drugs requires a weaning process and you should ask your doctor for assistance.

We also tend to think that supplements, reported to be natural, have no adverse affect on the body. Remember, your body is similar to a science lab and you are mixing chemicals together that will create an experience. It is best to educate yourself on the result of mixing chemicals before doing so and not assume it is OK simply because something is reported as being natural.