Substance Consumption


Experiencing a hologram is the process of taking the energy of the hologram unto self. This means that simply by having the life experience, the embodied consciousness consumes the energy of the hologram. However, in a healed hologram, as consciousness experiences the hologram, they return to the hologram three times more energy than they acquired.

All things experienced, within the hologram, are thoughts. Therefore, all things being consumed are thoughts. Substance is what we experience as manifest matter but all things experienced as manifest matter are thoughts, that we experience within our body. The body is what allows us to experience thoughts.

The human body is a thought composed of the energy of frequency bands 1 & 2 of the earth hologram. That is why we experience it as manifest matter, as part of the matter base of the earth hologram. The part of us that is experiencing frequency bands 1 & 2, of the earth hologram, as manifest matter, is our “mind”. The mind is higher in energy than the energy that is experienced as solid matter. The “only” mind that should be experiencing the hologram is our conscious mind. If you have read the information, offered through Ascension Whispers, you are aware that for over 26,000 years it had been only the inorganic sub-conscious mind, experiencing the earth hologram, through humanity.

The conscious mind does not embody, within the body form. The body form is created within the lower energy levels of the conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind is a state of mind that became trapped within the lower energy matter base of the earth hologram so when consciousness is embodied, it IS held within the body.

Because the conscious mind does not embody, into the body form, it does not experience imbalance. It is a Source replicated mind and is eternally held within balance. The body form is an extension of the conscious mind as it is created within a conscious ray, projected from the conscious mind, into the lower energy layers of the conscious mind. The only way imbalance can occur within the body form is if the body form becomes disconnected from the conscious mind. This had occurred within humanity of this earth system.

The process of healing the conscious energy that is held within the earth hologram, and became disconnected from the conscious mind, is the process of raising the embodied consciousness back up in energy, to the level of the conscious mind, and the embodied consciousness merging back into the conscious mind. That is what consuming the consciousness of the earth hologram allows for.

It is not natural for consciousness to embody and become disconnected from the higher energy of Source, of the Source conscious mind. Simply embodying to experience a holographic life experience does not make the embodied consciousness loose the energy of Source.

In a healed hologram, the healed body expression remains at a higher level of energy than the lower energy of the perceived matter base of the hologram. This means that the healed body expression is not stuck to the ground, as the human body is. It means that the affects of what we call gravity, do not affect the body form the way it does in the earth hologram. It also means the healed body form does not require to be fed the energy of the dense matter base of the hologram, as it is sustained by the higher energy of Source that flows within it.

Experiencing the earth hologram is part of a healing mission, to heal the consciousness that became trapped within the matter base of the earth hologram and allow the consciousness to merge back into the conscious mind.

The earth hologram offers a very unique experience, for every face of Source that embodies into it. One unique experience is discovering what it is like to forget your are Source. There is great joy held within that experience as consciousness heals to remember self and the amazing things self is capable of.

No face of Source that births into the earth hologram is immune from the imbalance of the earth hologram. Some have simply reached a higher level of healing than others. This means the ones who require the most healing are the ones who continue to express the most imbalance. They are the ones the faces of Source, who have continued to embody, have embodied to assist to heal back into balance. Birthing into the earth hologram requires the face of Source to acquire the imbalance of the earth hologram. Faces of Source do this specifically to assist to raise the imbalance, back up in energy and back into balance.

There is also great beauty to experience, within the earth hologram. The great beauty is the result of the energy of Source, flowing through the collective of humanity. No balanced hologram will allow the experience of discovering what thoughts “taste like”, as physical body eating is not a part of a healed hologram.

Because we are experiencing the imbalance of the earth hologram, we also experience pain. That too is a unique experience, as pain does not exist within a healed hologram. Source does not create all of creation in the desire to have the experiences imbalance allows for. Source creates all of creation to discover what Source is capable of creating and what thoughts experience as. Source does not desire to experience the imbalanced expression of thoughts.

Imbalance can occur in free will systems as it is a result of the faces of Source creating and experimenting, in the creation process, to discover what can be created. Source is not worried about this. Source does not worry about anything. If imbalance occurs, and it does throughout the free will systems, Source simply heals it.

When we become aware of these truths, remember that we are Source embodied, and our main reason for embodying into the earth hologram, it can allow us to better understand why we experience the things we do that are out of balance. It can allow us to remember that we are on a mission to heal our self.

Understanding that all of creation is the conscious energy of Source and that energy cannot be created or destroyed, allows us the opportunity to start looking at the earth hologram, and all that we experience, as conscious energy. This can shift our view, thoughts and attitude about the earth life experience.

As humanity continues to heal they naturally become aware of more of the love of Source, as healing allows more of the love of Source to flow through the body / mind system. This allows humanity to see the love of Source within all things. Doing so, within a body that requires being fed energy, can then create negative emotions surrounding the fact the body requires being fed energy. Healing such negative emotions can occur in remembering all things are thoughts, composed of the conscious energy of Source. Feeding the human body is the process of Source taking the lower energy of Source back into the higher energy of Source. All thoughts can be recreated at any time.

Because the embodied consciousness of humanity is suffering from temporary loss of the higher energy of Source and experiencing through an extremely dense body form, it allows for thoughts to be experienced as out of balance.

This is the cause of all emotional, mental and physical illness and disease. Simply because humanity has forgotten the truth of creation and the truth of self, the way that imbalanced thoughts are experienced can create adverse affects, within the body. The conscious mind does not experience the adverse experiences as it is eternally held within balance. The conscious mind only sees where imbalance is held, via the loss of the energy of Source. However, the sub-conscious mind does experience the imbalance, as it is a state of mind that became trapped within the matter base.

Healing is not a process of healing the human body form. The human body is working exactly as it was created to work, to filter the imbalanced thoughts, raise them back up in energy and allow them to merge back into balance of the conscious mind. What requires healing is the sub-conscious mind and merging the fragmented energy of the collective back into one mind expression, within the conscious mind.

Because humanity has temporarily forgotten the truth of self and the healing mission they are a part of, humanity views all adverse experiences as negative experiences. This is because the memory of balance is deeply rooted within humanity and humanity desires to return to balance. Humanity is returning to balance but the healing mission will continue until all of humanity does return to balance, one way or another.

All adverse experiences are the result of humanity healing the imbalance that exists within humanity. No one is doing anything to anyone. It is all simply a byproduct of healing the imbalance.

When we think of things such as substances, we most likely think of something such as substance abuse. Humanity views this as an adverse experience because it can disrupt the “expected” behavior humans are programmed to believe is natural. Humanity is also programmed to push any adversity away from self least self may become infected with the adversity. When we become aware of anything, it is already a part of self. To become aware of anything requires taking the thoughts unto our self. It is not possible to push the things we become aware of away from self. Doing so is simply a process of denying such things exist within self. Denial will not allow for healing of the imbalance.

Becoming aware of imbalance does not mean we must personally experience, or play out a drama with the imbalance. However, to assist to heal the imbalance we become aware of does require us to look at the imbalance. Looking at the imbalance is the process of becoming aware of what requires healing. Being able to look at the imbalance and not be affected by it, to a large degree, requires awareness of self and understanding why self is becoming aware of imbalance.

It is not possible to not be affected by the imbalance we become aware of, as it flows through our body to allow us to become aware of it. We still feel emotional responses even if the imbalance we become aware of is not something that is playing out in our personal life experience. It is not a process of burying our head in the sand and pretending the imbalance does not exist. It is a process of being able to look at the imbalance and remembering how to heal our part of it, as it flows through us. The simplest way to accomplish this is to create and retain a state of inner balance.

When we can remain balanced within our self we become a powerful healing force who can then assist all others who have not yet reached a point of healing, to allow them to do so. Therefore, the “need” is to first heal self and create inner balance. It may require the entire life experience of working to heal self and creating inner balance. That is because it is a non-stop process of healing the imbalance we take unto self.

When we reach a point of healing that allows us to remember how to love self it then becomes easier to see the love expressing within all things. When we look at the earth hologram, through the eyes of love, we are projecting the love of Source that flows within us into all things we look at. Doing so assists to heal all things we become aware of.

We cannot accomplish this if we stand in judgment of the things we become aware of as judging something is the process of trying to push it away from self. We can look and discern what requires healing and then heal our part of it within our self. Doing so does not mean we must allow our self to roll around within the imbalance or have an adventure with it. Doing so does not mean to turn away from those in need of healing. It requires engagement of some sort to assist with the required healing. The engagement may only be becoming aware and focusing on healing what is held within self.

People who are dealing with things such as addictions are dealing with trying to heal a whole lot of imbalance, within self. They may desire assistance and they may not. We can offer assistance in many ways but the strongest assistance we can offer is love and understanding. Unless a person can be reached to share thoughts with and they can begin to think for their self, they may not be able to heal the issues they hold that is creating so much imbalance within them, while remaining embodied. That does not mean they should be judged because they are dealing with carrying a whole lot of imbalance. It means they need even more love and understanding.

If the truth was taught to them at a early age, they most likely would not be experiencing life as they are because they would have been empowered and know how to purge the imbalance they experience. Instead, the society of humanity divides humanity and creates labeled pockets that are considered to be broken and should be ignored. This process begins at an early age, within the earth hologram. Children are “taught” they are different than others and should fit into a mold that someone has created to define them. This is because humanity has been programmed to fit into a mold.

No two human bodies are exactly the same. Each person is an individual face of Source, experiencing uniquely within their self. This allows Source to experience the probability of all thoughts at the same time, even the imbalanced expressions of thoughts. That is why no one can truly know what another is feeling or experiencing. It is time to heal the false belief that just because something expresses different than you experience it means there is something wrong with it.

Substances and the consumption of substances are not the issue. Humanity is the issue and humanity simply needs to heal to remember there are no issues. There is only balance and imbalance and imbalance simply needs to be healed back into balance.

Source does not look at imbalance and judge it. Source does not judge any part of ITSelf as Source loves all of ITSelf eternally. Source simply looks at imbalance and heals it. How can anyone judge anything they have not experienced for their self? Since no two people experience exactly the same, it is not possible to know what another experiences. Even when others share their experiences, we cannot know how those experiences affect them.

We can only look at what we see and heal our part within our self. We can assist all others in their healing process by offering them only love and support but each person must heal their self as only each face of Source can do so. To assist all to heal their part, all must work to ensure all have the tools they require to heal their self. That is a major challenge, within this earth hologram. More awareness is being focused into the challenge of the haves and have not but a whole lot more needs to be accomplished to heal that imbalance. Healing lack consciousness begins by educating all of humanity. Education is the process of first becoming aware.

Heal yourself and share with all you can the truth of who they are. Allow all you encounter to become self empowered and assist them to remember they hold all of the tools they require within their self. Most importantly, express only love into all you become aware of.