The Big Secret


As you look at the many thoughts you experience in your earth life time, you can find imbalance within every thought. You can also find balance, within every thought. What you will find is dependent on what you choose to believe.

Creation is quite simple. It is only humanity who chooses to make creation seem to be challenging, mystical and hard to understand. This is only because humanity has forgotten they are Source embodied. Once humanity heals to accept the truth they are Source embodied, the earth life experience will be viewed in a totally different light.

We can all choose to blame someone for all things we experience or we can choose to allow our self to heal and remember why we experience all things we do. If we choose to remain in the role of playing the victim, it will be next to impossible to remember the truth of self. The only way to remember the truth of self is to look where self resides. Self resides “inside” of self. If we continue to look for self in what we are looking at, we are only looking at what self is creating.

We can take as much time looking at all of the pieces as we desire. We can argue over the pieces. We can name the pieces anything we desire. We can color and draw the pieces to look however we desire them to look. We can blame the pieces we do not like on others. We can hoard the pieces we do like and try to push the ones we do not like away. Such choices will not put the pieces back together. All of the pieces belong to you. That is every you that is reading this article. And every you that is reading this article is the “same you”. There is no one else but “you” in all of creation, as you are Source embodied.

At this time, humanity is healing to remember who self is. Once humanity remembers they are Source embodied, all of the pieces will naturally merge together.

We can continue to look at each piece of imbalance, only focusing on pieces or we can look at the entire, scattered puzzle and choose to share our pieces with all of our expressions. Each of our expressions hold some of the pieces, as it is not possible for any one expression to hold all of the pieces, within this earth hologram. Each of our selves hold the notes, sounds and lyrics to the whole beautiful symphony. No piece is greater than another piece as each piece is required to complete the beautiful song. The pieces are simply scattered and require being merged back together.

At this time it may seem as though creation is a secret, a hidden secret that needs to be sought and discovered. The secret is “you”. You are the secret of all of creation. You are the most powerful force you will ever meet. You are the “only force” you will ever meet. There only seems to be a secret because you have forgotten you.

It really does not matter “how” creation occurs, all that matters is that it “does” occur and that you are the force that allows it to occur. The only reason creation may currently seem challenging to understand is because of the fears held inside, as the fears are what blocks the simplicity of creation. The fears are simply a temporary part of your current experience. They are the result of forgetting who you are. Once you remember who you are, you will remember there is nothing to ever fear as you cannot be destroyed, you simply change form.

At this time you have chosen to express as a form called the human body. You have done so in the desire to heal all of yourself who forgot they are you. Your mission has been successful. You have already healed all of yourself, of this earth hologram. You are simply now fulfilling the earth life experience to reach the point in which you will remember you have been successful in healing yourself.

We can continue to make lists with columns that say, “Do This”, “Don’t Do This”. Such lists are tools to assist the journey of healing to remember who you are. Such lists are only useful if they are applied. How many To Do lists do you make, with great intentions of following the list, and then loose track of the list. When you strive in every moment to BE Love, to BE Source embodied, you do not need lists. You simply ARE. You simply go through every moment expressing who you are.

You do not need a list to tell you to breathe, feed your body, take care of your body’s needs, smile, cry, walk, talk, look, touch, feel, smell, taste, listen, laugh or enjoy. These are all natural attributes of your expression. Nor do you need a list to BE Source embodied. It is a natural attribute of your expression.

Creation is quiet simple. Creation is simply, “I AM”. There is no other explanation required. You can define yourself anyway you choose, as all of creation is you and you are creating all of creation. You can create anything you choose to create, simply by thinking.

Perhaps your response in the moment is that such thoughts are too large. Perhaps you are not ready to reclaim your power and reclaim responsibility for yourself. That is OK. It is simply part of healing to remember who you are. However, you are needed. Your presence is needed urgently and is why you are present on earth. Your love is needed urgently.

Take a walk through the forest. Look at every tree, every leaf, every blade of grass, every flower and every weed. Walk on the beach and look at every grain of sand and every drop of water. Look at every star you can see and try to understand each one of them. When you feel you have looked at everything you require, sit down, close your eyes and look within. Behold the vastness of who you are!

Look at what you are capable of creating. Look at the absolute beauty and perfection that you are. When you have tired at looking within, open your eyes and view the wonderful expressions of your creation.

Life is not hard. It does not require an instruction manual. All that it requires is “you”. You are Eternal Love. You are the secret you are seeking. There is no one but “you”. Where ever you go, where ever you look, what ever you think, what ever you create, you will always find “you”.

Open your heart, mind and soul and look at how simple you have created all of creation.

You Are The Secret!