A Loving Joy Memory


All of us have had an experience some time in our lives when our body was filled with so much love we might think it was to much to bear in the moment. Some might have to look deeper than others to find a Loving Joy memory, but it is in you some where.

It could be a memory of finding new love, holding that new born baby in your arms for the first time, getting married, having an exceptionally strong communication with Source or simply viewing a breath taking image that the Earth presents us with. Try locating a memory held within yourself that brought to you a complete over filled with Love feeling and will always remain one of your most precious memories.

When you have located your memory, hold that experience in your head, in your focused moment thought. Allow yourself to relive that memory in your mind. See the surroundings, the environment the memory occurred within. Was it inside or outside? Was it day or night? What was the weather like, sunny, rainy, warm, cold? Allow yourself to “feel” the weather of that moment. Allow yourself to see the weather expression of that moment.

See the surroundings of the Loving Joy experience. If inside, see the furnishings, the things hanging on the walls, the floor beneath your feet. What does the floor feel like beneath your feet? If outside, try to re-create the exact same surrounding in your mind. Feel the air on your skin, the warmth of the sun, if it is shining.

Hear the sounds from your stored memory. Was there music playing or other people talking? Was there noise from auto traffic around you? Did you eat food in your stored Loving Joy moment? If so, try to see the food and remember the tastes and smells as they moved over your tongue.

Allow yourself to fully emerge yourself in that stored memory. Then pay attention to the emotions that were running through your body at that moment in time. The love that you feel in that moment may be so strong to allow tears to fall now, as you re-create that moment in your mind. That is wonderful if it does because that means you are fully re-connecting with that stored Loving Joy memory.

Once you can re-connect with the stored emotions of that moment, simply allow yourself to sit with those emotions. Allow your physical body to completely feel all of those loving feelings all over again. Those feelings of being filled to overflowing with love ARE the Loving Joy of Source.

We can only experience a tiny spark of the full expression of the Loving Joy of Source in our physical body as the full expression would be so strong, it would blow up our physical body. This feeling IS the feeling that Source creates All of creation through Eternally. And Source is Gifting us with a huge amount of the Loving Joy of Source to allow us an opportunity to heal. Totally Awesome, is it not?

The feeling of the Loving Joy of Source is going to continue to grow and expand within us. And if we allow it to, we can begin to remember the absolute Joy of viewing and experiencing the world through the eyes of innocence. This is Source energy that our newly written script will carry into our reality and we are the script writers to fill that script in with whatever we desire to experience. And if we co-create through the emotional feelings of the Loving Joy of Source, we will discover that those types of experiences, that may now seem to be far and few between, will increase.

This is the same energy that will allow your Emotional Body to heal and we can use “specific sound tones – that are individually keyed to US” to assist this process.

For this moment, talk to your Inner Child. Thank your Inner Child for holding onto that Wonderful, Loving Joy moment for you.