Loving Joy Song

Locate one of your Loving Joy Songs. It does not matter what kind of music it is it only matters that it is one that allows you to connect with the Loving Joy emotional feeling of Source.

It is suggested that you listen to your song through head phones as your Emotional Body will be able to connect much easier and will “feel” the vibrations of the sound tones much stronger. It is also suggested to listen to this Loving Joy song for at least 45 minutes to an hour, over and over and over, to experience the deepest process of healing that can occur for you in each session. Of course you can extend the session as long as you desire and you will most likely discover that you will be anxious for your next session. Please do be careful not to play the music to loud through the head phones and cause harm to your ears.

As you listen to your song the first few times through, how many times depends on how many times it requires for YOU, but listen until you are fully connected with the emotional feelings the song allows you to feel. It would be best to wait to get up and dance or move about until after your conscious connection for healing with your Emotional Body but then if you feel the need to do so, let it fly. Move that energy through and out of your body.

Once you have made your emotional connection with your Loving Joy Song and as it continues to play, bring your focus of attention into your physical body with the desired thought intention of connecting with your Emotional Body for healing.

Feel each part of your physical body as the sound waves from your song move through your body. Become aware of the ripple like feeling the sound waves creates as it moves through your physical body.

Connecting With Your Inner Child

SPEAK to your Inner Child. The dialogue should be your own words/thoughts. You can speak verbally or in your head it does not matter, your Inner Child hears every word/thought you have.

Example Dialogue:

Meet and Greet

You – “Hello Dear, I am here to assist us to heal now. I am sorry I have neglected you and forgotten about your needs. I do love you very much and I am sorry that I do not spend enough time telling you that. I am sorry if it seems like I had forgotten about you but I am here now and I will not forget about you again. You are very important to me and I desire you to be happy and know how much I love you”.

After awhile you may become aware of your Inner Child speaking back to you. If you do not, it does not mean you are doing something wrong. It may simply take some Inner Children more time of regaining trust before they will be willing to speak.

Retain the understanding that you are speaking to a child like mentality that is not able to make rational decisions at this time. Your Inner Child may express some anger to you for ignoring them for so long. Allow that to be OK and realize that your Inner Child is being angry as a small child might pout and have a temper tantrum. Use soothing words to comfort your Inner Child but be sure to remember you are the adult and you need to remain in control of the conversation and the ways you will comfort and sooth your Inner Child.

Even if it takes a few sessions for your Inner Child to speak to you or even if your Inner Child decides not to speak to you, keep speaking to your Inner Child. Remember, this part of us has been traumatized for a very long time. Some may require more healing than others to rediscover that trust. But Source is now telling our Inner Child to speak so at some point, your Inner Child will speak to you.

Your Inner Child loves soft, cuddly things. Things like soft blankets, teddy bears, silky fabric. If you choose such a thing, hold it on your body so that your physical body can feel it. It is actually your Inner Child that feels it and this can allow for comfort.

As you make this connection with your Inner Child, your Loving Joy Song is still playing throughout your body. At some point in your dialogue you should tell your Inner Child that you are now going to assist with the healing that you both need and assist to make the pain go away so that you will both feel much better.

For a few sessions as such, simply listen to your Loving Joy Song and make that conscious connection with your Inner Child. Speaking to your Inner Child and pausing to allow yourself to become aware when your Inner Child chooses to speak to you. It is suggested of at least 3 different sessions for this process but if you feel you need longer for this part of the process, then simply take as long as you need.

Be aware that when you hear your Inner Child speak to you, it will most likely feel like thought patterns running through your head but for some it will simply feel like those thought patters are inner sound patterns, which they actually are.

When you have completed enough sessions as such that it becomes easy for you to instantly connect with your Inner Child, then on the next session, again listening to your Loving Joy Song;

Getting Started Clearing Those Coals

Bring your attention back to the “feeling” of the music moving through your physical body. Become aware that inside of your physical body there are places where the tones seem to bounce off of something or don’t feel like they feel the same in certain parts of your body as they do other parts. If you cannot feel this, don’t worry about it, you will in time.

The areas inside your physical body that the sound tones seem to bounce off of, instead of moving through are the “bed of coals” that are the distortions that are creating the blockages in our physical / emotional body and that are causing your Emotional Body much pain, grief and sorrow and keeping the energy of Source from being able to flow through.

Bring your focus of attention to the bed of coals and as the music moves through you and the “crescendo point or peak point” in the music is reached, notice that the “note” of that “peak” point strikes a point in the bed of coals. It does not matter what point it strikes and it may not be a point that you are focusing on. It will strike exactly where it is keyed to strike.

Notice that when the tone strikes that point in the bed of coals, that a “Spark” is created.

A spark is created because the sound tone is higher in energy than the energy of that piece of coal. The spark creates a point of Radiation. And this point of Radiation creates “heat”. Depending on the quantum mass of that piece of coal, the heat will build from the radiation point and it will turn that piece of coal into something that looks like steam or vapor and that is when it can release from the bed of coals it is embedded within and then it can move through your physical body and out of your physical body to go back to Source for its own healing.

Most likely when you begin this process it will bring your Inner Child out of the closet and they will start to speak. They may say things like, “that hurt or ouch, that did not feel good or that scared me”. Remember to comfort your Inner Child.

You may notice a dialogue unfolds between you and your Inner Child as the process of releasing more and more embedded chunks of coal continues in each session. Your Inner Child likes being included in the decision process of getting rid of these chunks of coal. And you may notice a feeling of your Inner Child bracing themselves as if preparing to have a tooth pulled, get stitches, or have a piece of glass pulled from the body. Remember, this process does cause a second of pain for your Inner Child and just like you would comfort a sick child in the hospital, they require the same.

Example Possible Dialogue;

Inner Child (IC) – Oh that one really hurt me, I don’t like that. Don’t do that again.

You – I know and I am sorry. I don’t like it either and I don’t like that it hurt you but it is making us sick and if we want to get better we have to get it out of there. It will only hurt for a quick second and then the pain will be all gone. I am right here with you and I will help you with this and hold your hand. I love you very much and together we are going to make ourselves feel all better.

As you continue this process, you may become aware that your IC starts to ask you about the next piece of coal that is going to be released.

IC – Oh that one is really big, it scares me. I don’t think I can look at that one.

You – That is OK. There is no reason to be scared. We do not have to look at it to get it out of there. It does not belong to us though and it is making us sick so it has to go. This one is definitely a throw away.

IC – (next chunk of coal), Oh, I think this one might be a throw away too. It does not look like we need to keep this one either.

You – Yes, that is indeed a throw away. We had better toss that one out too.

As you continue sessions with this process, you will notice that the tones of your Loving Joy Song will simply be striking points in the bed of coals without you even having to think about it. And each strike will create a point of radiation that allows the piece to vaporize and move through and out of your body.

As these stored, distorted thought patterns move out of your body, you may pick up a moment of Emotional Feelings from them, especially if they are larger in mass quantum. No need to worry though, you will not become aware of any memories that would be traumatic for you to deal with. Simply be aware that if you pick up on emotional feelings they will move out of your body as that clears from your body.

You may very well notice that over some time you feel the need to change your Loving Joy Song or you may feel that need right away. Your Loving Joy Song is as mutable as you and creation are. Only YOU know what sound tones you need in each moment to assist your healing. Simply pay attention to what you feel you need.

Also be aware that as you connect and dialogue with your Inner Child you will most likely encounter stored “happy” memories that your Inner Child is holding onto for you. There may even be discussion from your Inner Child about these memories. “Oh, remember when we did that? That was so silly! How did we know how to do that?” Always thank your Inner Child for keeping those memories safe for you.

Be gentle with yourself and with your Inner Child. These things did not get there over night so they are not going to clear over night but each time you sit with your session for clearing, another layer will be removed and this will allow more of the energy of Source to flow through your physical / energetic body and will allow it to be easier to receive the Gift of the Loving Joy Wave of Source, when it comes in on December 21, 2012.

From this point, there is no where else to go except Upward and Homeward to Source. Whatever your chosen path is to make that journey, always remember you are a face of Source. You are loved Eternally and Source desires you to heal.

There will be many things that will present in our reality field that will continue to allow us to express unforgettable thanks to Source for this wonderful Gift.

For this moment, this is the end of the sharing. But rest assured that when there is more to know, it will be reported here.

Try to fill each moment of your experience with your Inner Loving Joy. Simply bring to mind your Loving Joy Memory and reconnect with that part of Source. At this time the focus should remain on Source only. When we focus on Source, when we talk to Source, when we ask for assistance from Source, ALL Krystic life expressions in that path will also hear us and Source will send the desired assistance straight through the social network. Source Is Net-Working Now!