A Message For New Comers

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Welcome to Ascension Whispers. It is wonderful that your journey has led you to this point and I am very happy to have you visit here.

Recently I have been asked by New Comers, where to begin. That made me realize how overwhelming the vast information, shared on Ascension Whispers, can be to a New Comer, especially if it is someone who is newly awakening. For such a person, this information could indeed be compared to someone throwing a bucket of water on you, while you are sleeping. If you have made your way here, you are in search of answers. Give yourself a giant hug for that as most of the population remain in a sleep walking state.

Ascension Whispers could be considered both a website and a blog. The majority of the information is shared through the blog format. Of course, that means lots of reading. The best way to read through the blog is to start at the beginning by using the calendar of archived posts. You can start anywhere you like. You will soon discover that as they are dated, you will be experiencing my personal growth and memory turning back on. It is my journey of self discovery, so it is similar to reading someone’s journal.

I only share what I am guided is necessary to assist the whole into healing. I become aware of many things, on a daily basis. Some may just be intended for my personal growth or not intended for the whole at the moment. This is generally because there is more of something that still has to be remembered that goes along with it.

My journey and experience of regaining the memory of creation, self and our relationship with creation, is an on going process. It is a journey that has, for the most part, become the main part of my daily living. My thoughts are constantly about creation and more understanding opening within me, with times of overwhelm followed by joy and excitement. It is indeed an amazing adventure and I so desire all of humanity to experience it, as it is absolutely beautiful.

My personal passion is to simply assist as many people as I can to remember they are Source embodied. It is my experience that when that occurs, the rest of the pieces will naturally fall into place. There are many wonderful reasons to remember you are Source embodied. One of the main reasons is, doing so allows you to reclaim your personal power. Doing that allows you to regain control of your personal life experience. The expression we see as the reality field is the result of the masses not having control of their personal power. This allows the reality field to be created chaotically, seemingly via a serious of random events. When we regain control of our power, we begin to see how our power is creating the reality field. This allows us to “choose” what we desire to create and experience instead of it seeming as if we have no control over the life experience.

My truth is and always has been Source. Many people use the term God. I prefer the term Source. I have always known of my personal relationship with Source and that I can communicate with Source any moment I choose. It was not until adulthood that I realized that is not the same for all people. When I realized that, it made me feel very sad. To not know the love and joy of Source is the only meaning of a self created hell.

I have spent my entire life seeking truth. I was blessed in that I chose a mother who was already awake and seeking truth. This allowed a life long adventure of seeking truth together. She has long since left the reality field but I owe everything I am expressing as today to her love and hard work of assisting me not to forget the truth of my self and my relationship with Source. Religious indoctrination was not part of my upbringing but I was allowed to investigate all that I desired. This assisted me to know that so many different religious beliefs could not all be correct. I never could accept any thoughts that spoke of a wrathful God. I knew that was not true, as I knew the love of Source.

When my communication with, what many people are calling a “higher conscious mind”, opened fully in 2012, I immediately began becoming aware of this information. I was guided of the need to share it with the public. I was not aware at that time how much I would become aware of or how long the need to share would be necessary. I simply listened and followed guidance. I continue to do so.

I feel extremely blessed and humbled to be able to become aware of this information. It is information I know to be truth but one can only know truth when they remember and experience it for their self. I can share it with you, but that does not make it your truth. Sharing it allows people to become aware that there is more than one way to view creation and self. It allows people to know they have a choice, in what they choose to accept as truth. It is very important to remember we all have the Source gift of free will and the ability to choose. Our choices will determine what we experience in our lives, so it becomes very important to choose wisely.

This information is about “self empowerment”. It is to assist all who integrate it to remember they are Source embodied, how to reclaim their Source power and strengthen their personal connection with Source. The answers to all of our questions are held within the higher energy of Source. To be able to access those answers, we must be able to access the higher energy of Source.

This information goes into great detail as to why humanity had not been able to access the higher energy of Source for over 26,000 years. It also offers much to consider as to why the earth reality field expresses as it does and why people do the crazy, imbalanced things they do.

This is not a program, that you must follow. It is a vast amount of information to assist you to remember the truth of yourself so that you can create your personal desired program. I am quite aware that many people desire an outlined list that will lead them step by step through life. That is simply the way the brain of many people is currently operating. My brain does not operate as such so it is challenging for me to understand the experiences of those whose brain does. If you are one who requires such a list, I strongly suggest for you to create your own. Doing so will assist you into greater understanding of what you are trying to understand. Doing so will assist you to connect deeper with your thoughts, which is a process of connecting deeper with Source.

People who require lists tend to view creation as such. They tend to view creation one point at a time. People who do not require lists see a vast amount of information, all at once, in their brain. That is the way my brain works. When I see a vast amount of information all at once, I understand the majority of what I am seeing. Such people also tend to be great multi-taskers, as they can focus on many thoughts at one time, where as, people who require lists tend to only be able to focus on one thought at a time. Neither way is right or wrong. It is simply the difference in the way the brains of humanity are currently operating.

I can only share via the way that I am currently expressing and experiencing. I cannot know how anyone else is experiencing. You will discover, in this information, why that is true. I have also had someone ask if this information is available in another language. I currently only know the American English language so it is the only language I can communicate through. I would love to know all of the languages, old and new, used on earth. I seriously doubt my brain will learn another language, in this life experience. So, unless Source sends someone along to translate the information into another language, it is only available as it is. I know that online translators can be used to translate a web page but I understand they are not very precise. I experience that as well, when I need to translate something into English.

Many people are waking up or are already awake. Many people are becoming aware of thoughts of the higher conscious mind. What many people are calling the higher conscious mind is the conscious mind of humanity. All of humanity is of the same Source conscious mind. For this reason, many people are becoming aware of the same thoughts, experienced uniquely within their self. I have yet to encounter someone who has become aware of the vast detail, held within this information.

Both quantum physics and physics have proven matter does not exist unless someone is looking. This implies what we are experiencing as matter is a hologram and the part of us looking is not made of the matter that we are experiencing. Science has no clue what that means or how a holographic reality field is created. Many people are now becoming aware it is created by the “thoughts” of humanity.

This information goes into great detail to explain how all of creation is created and how the thoughts of humanity are creating the holographic reality field. The information may seem quiet heavy at times. I do my best to present it as simply as my brain will allow me to. It may require reading and re-reading to understand a piece. This is because the brain has been programmed to believe differently. Remembering the truth of creation is the process of re-programming the brain. Considering other thoughts allows us to tell our brain what we desire to know and understand. This programs the brain to create the neural networks required, to allow us to experience that. The same process occurs in the brain anytime we learn something new.

Creation occurs from the inside out, not the outside in. Everything that we have been “taught” as truth is based on the false belief that creation occurs from the outside in. This is because humanity has not been able to access the information that allows one to know how creation occurs from the inside out. Humanity has only been able to know the holographic matter reality field, that they can see with the physical eyes. This creates many false beliefs, based on the experience of manifest matter.

This information shows us how creation occurs from the inside out, which then allows us to remember how we are creating what we will experience.

There is offered a structured, self healing program, on the web site. This was put together specifically for those who feel they need some kind of structured guidance. Even though it is offered as a structure, it is quite mutable, to fit individual needs. All healing programs need to be able to be customized, otherwise, they will not work for all people. It allows you a foundation to create your personal healing program upon.

There are also a few videos offered, on the Ascension Whispers youtube channel. I began with that format and trying to speak the information simply because it was opening within me so quickly that I could hardly keep up with it, let alone type it. That worked until I reached the point of information that explains how a hologram is created. That requires so many words that it would have been quite boring to listen to me read my hand written papers. I finally listened to guidance and put it into book format. This information is available in Ebook format, on the website.

If you resonate with the information offered on Ascension Whispers, you may like to join us in the Ascension Whispers facebook group. When time allows, I will answer questions, if I know the answer. I do not know the answers to personal life questions. Only you know that. The group is filled with questions and answers, that may assist your own understanding.

Once again, Welcome to Ascension Whispers. I intend you find something here to assist your own journey and to understand the wonderful space of healing, humanity is now engaged with. As well, the wonderful future we will all experience, in the not to distant future.

You are here for a reason. You have come to earth for a very specific reason. You owe it to yourself to remember what your mission is.

Loving Joy Blessings,

Marie Love