About Marie Love & Ascension Whispers

I have been a seeker of truth all of my life. I have always known of my connection to God-Source and the love of God-Source. I have always known that knowing such things does not require a religious belief, or membership into any organization.

It was not until adulthood that I became aware that is not true for all people. This made me feel great sadness. Not knowing the love of Source and knowing you can communicate with Source any time you desire, is the only true meaning of hell.

My passion is to assist as many people as possible to remember Source and to remember all people are Source embodied.

In October 2012, my communication line to what many people call a “higher conscious mind”, opened completely. When this occurs, it allows one to be able to hear, or become aware of, the thoughts of Source. The higher conscious mind is actually the Source conscious mind of humanity. All people should know of their conscious mind and all people should know of the thoughts held within conscious mind. All of humanity is of the same, Source conscious mind.

When my communication line opened fully, information about creation began to open to my awareness faster than the speed of light. I was guided that I needed to share this information so that all who desire can access it. This was the birth of Ascension Whispers. I continue to share what I am guided to, that I become aware of. I will continue to do so for as long as I am able and am guided to do so.

When this part of my life adventure began, and I was guided to share the information, I told my self I did not desire to become another guru on planet. The reply I received was that I have free will to choose what I desire to experience and there was no need for another guru, simply a need to share the information.

The information is not about me, it is about truth and healing to remember truth. It is about humanity and all of creation. I too am healing to remember truth and the information is the truth I am healing to remember. I am no different than anyone else and do not desire to be considered to be different in anyway. All of humanity is equal. All of humanity is Source embodied. All of humanity should be able to access this information for their self and all of humanity will be able to do so, in the not to distant future.

The internet is a wild and crazy world and it can be dangerous to put on the internet personal information. For this reason, I chose not to use my full, legal name, when it became apparent I would need to use a name. Marie is my middle given name and Love is what I call our Source conscious mind. Hence, the name Marie Love was born. So, Marie Love is my pen name.

I feel great amounts of Love and Joy from Source. Source is eternal balance and expresses eternally as Love. Love is a state of eternal balance. The emotion of Source is eternal Joy. Source creates all of creation via the emotion of eternal Joy. When it came time to adopt a pen name, Marie feels like merry and joyful to me and of course, Love requires no definition. This way, when I am communicating with people, my pen name is expressing both the Love and Joy of Source.

I live in the USA, with my husband, and only know American English, but do my best to understand and communicate with all people, using online translators, if necessary. I would love to know all languages but that most likely will not occur in this life time. I have two sons, a stepson and stepdaughter, a grandson, six step grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Most of my days are spent hand writing the information I continue to become aware of. I cannot type in that process as my vision becomes very sensitive and I can only focus on the paper. I then spend hours typing and making images for what I share via Ascension Whispers, for anyone who desires to be able to access it. It is a work of great passion.

I try my best to put the information into linear sequence, so that it will make some kind of sense to others. It does not always open within me in linear sequence. This is because the process of becoming aware of the thoughts held in conscious mind, is a process of “remembering” what was forgotten, when birthing into this hologram. Memories return in bits, pieces and chunks as more of Source energy opens to flow within the body.

I do not know the answers to anyone’s personal life experience. Each person is Source embodied, experiencing uniquely within their self. I can only know what I am experiencing. I can share my experiences, and they may be similar to yours, but they will not be exactly the same.

I do not hold any degrees that qualify me as an elite, accepted expert in anyway. Everything that I share is from personal experience.

My gift to humanity is the Love of Source that flows within me and I gift it freely. Sometimes the love of Source is so powerful and overwhelming, I must hurry and find a way to share it, least I might explode.

Loving Joy Blessings,

Marie Love