Expanding Awareness Of You As Source


Remembering How To Quickly Move Into The God Space

We all are Sparks of Source! As we clear our energetic body and align with Source, our Sparks merge with the Fire of our personal Christed Sun Self. And as we expand further into the core of our Self, this Fire merges with and becomes the Flame of Source. The Flame of Source is Pure White yet holds all of the colors of creation within it.

The purpose of this meditation is to start sparking inner flames and thereby open inner pathways within our self to allow us to expand vertical through different inner frequency bands and strengthen our inner connection with Source.

As each level merges, the individual flames take on the appearance of a sparking Spherical Sun, sparks of living consciousness flying out into the void that exists between density levels.

As we consciously breathe in Source Energy, energetic locks open up to allow access into and through the void. Our conscious thought of alignment with Source becomes like a pebble thrown into a pool, with our conscious sense of Self a pool rippling out in ever-expanding waves of energy.

Flames expand through the void to merge with the next Sun, through which the activation of personal consciousness expands and fuels the Fire and Flames of Source at each level.

As our consciousness moves closer to Source, we sense the Winds of Source fan the Flames, creating sparks of the Living Consciousness which serve as a beacon Home. Source is not stationary or without movement. The Winds of Source energy eternally send forth sparks to allow for creation of the Flames of Living Consciousness.

Video created with Source Love by Sierra Starr Text for mediation located below video.


Meditation Exercise
  1. Activate your Pillar Connection to Source. Imagine a sphere of pure with light in the center of the center of your brain, within the 3rd eye.
  2. Inhale as if grabbing onto the white light within the 3rd eye and when you exhale, exhale as if sending the white light down the center of your body to about 6 inches below your feet.
  3. This will open your inner Pillar of Light connection to Source and would look like a bright white “tube” of energy running from beneath your feet all the way up through the center of your body and out into deep space. The bottom of your Pillar is anchored within the center of Earth to allow stability of the energy within your physical body.
  4. Close your eyes and take several deep, gentle breaths. Inhale Peace & Calm, then Exhale Peace & Calm through your body (simply “think Peace and Calm as you inhale and exhale as if that is what each breath is). Allow each part of your body to relax. Mentally tell your brain it can relax also.
  5. Imagine a small version of yourself within the white sphere in the 3rd eye. The small version of yourself is sparkling and radiating the brightest white light you can imagine. The point of your physical body called the 3rd eye, is the point of your connection to all of your Identities throughout the time matrix and to Source when we are “embodied” and is also called the 13th pillar connection to Source. When we have our consciousness embodied for a life experience, the 13th pillar is like a vortex of conscious energy that connects through the layers of creation to our original Source creation point.
  6. On the next inhale breath, inhale as if you are doing so from your small body expression in your 3rd eye and as you exhale, notice that your small body expression begins to float upward through your vertical pillar and out the top of your head.
  7. Try to focus as if you are looking through the eyes of your small body expression and notice that ahead of you is a bright white that looks brighter than a sun. Feel your small body moving toward the bright white sun and then stepping into the bright white sun.
  8. You have now entered your consciousness into a higher level of energy of the God Space. Become aware of the feelings you will feel from within this Expanded Space of Source. Feel the Love and Joy of Source all around and within your mini self. Feel the Love of Source gently brush the cheek of your mini self. You may even become aware of the Consciousness of Source smiling at you.
  9. Using a gentle breathing rhythm, Inhale into the 3rd eye of your mini self and imagine as you inhale that the body of your mini self is being filled with the pure White Light of Source energy. Inhale and exhale via the your mini self body as if the entire body is the lungs. As you feel your mini self become completely filled with Source Energy, notice that your vertical pillar becomes saturated with the Bright White Light of Source Energy. You may notice and feel as if you become one with the Bright White Light that previously seemed to be a space you entered into. You are now emerged completely within the Pure Consciousness of Source.
  10. Continue the gentle breathing rhythm of inhaling more of the Bright White Light of Source into your mini self and into your vertical pillar. From the awareness of your mini self, become aware of your physical 3D body as if you can see it positioned way below the location of your mini self and become aware that your vertical pillar is also filling your physical 3D body with the Pure Loving Joy of Source that is much stronger within the Bright White Light.
  11. You can remain within this space with Source as long as you like.
  12. When you are ready to return your full consciousness to your 3D body, Inhale as if you are inhaling your mini self back down through your vertical pillar and back into the location of your physical 3D body and into the 3rd eye of the physical 3D body. Exhale gently into the 3rd eye of the 3D physical body as you position your mini self back into your physical body.
  13. Take 3 gentle Inhale / Exhale breaths from within the 3rd eye of your physical body and on each exhale breath, expand the pure white light held within your mini self at the 3rd eye throughout your entire physical body form. As you strengthen and expand the Pure White Light of Source Consciousness into your physical body, notice that every molecule and cell of your physical body starts to tingle. Your skin starts to feel as if it is tingling from the inside out.
  14. Remember the wonderful feeling of the Loving Joy of Source that you felt while you were within the Pure Bright White Light of Source and feel that Loving Joy fill your entire 3D body on each Exhale breath you take to expand that energy within your entire 3D body.
  15. As you continue to expand your mini self within your 3D body, become aware of the point when the mini self has expanded to the size of your 3D body. The hands and feet of your mini self merge with the hands and feet of your 3D body form. Your entire 3D body is now brightly glowing with the Pure Bright White Light of Source Energy and it is now filled with the Loving Joy that Source feels for you Eternally. Take several more gentle breaths and expand the Pure Bright White Light of Source Energy through the pores of your skin, allowing your glowing form to breathe as the Light of Source.
  16. Allow yourself to remain still and quite as long as you desire to simply BE with the Loving Joy of Source Energy. When you are ready, simply bring your focus back into the area around you and allow yourself to move around slowly at first in case you feel a bit dizzy when you stand.

Each time you choose to consciously connect with the Pure White Light of Source and allow yourself to become conscious of the Loving Joy of Source that is a part of every fiber of your Being, you allow more of the Pure Energy of Source to expand and awaken within your 3D body.

You can very quickly return to the Pure Expanded Space of Source Consciousness any time you desire by simply activating your vertical pillar and sending a spark or your consciousness upward through your vertical pillar and becoming aware of the Pure White Light of Source energy. Then simply inhale that spark of your consciousness back into the 3rd eye point of your physical body and expand the Pure White Light of Source within your physical body. Each time that you do this process, you will become more aware of the tingling feeling within the physical body becoming stronger.

This meditation is a simple process for breathing expanded awareness of Pure Source Energy into the physical body to assist with Emotional Body healing. This can also be used to release anything from your physical body or your personal hologram to allow it to come into alignment with Source.

By focusing our consciousness into the pure consciousness of Source and filling our 3D body with the higher energy of Source, we are reminding the particles that compose our 3D body of their “original balanced expression”.

Doing so allows the 3D body to “remember” the energy of Source as the 3D body had been almost completely disconnected from the energy of Source for thousands of years within the earth system and the particles that compose the body form require assistance remembering their divine expression.

Releasing For Source Alignment
Assistance for Emotional Body Healing
  1. Activate your vertical pillar.
  2. Imagine a White Spark of energy within your 3rd eye.
  3. Place whatever issue you desire to be healed into the Spark of White Light within the 3rd eye. It may be an image or a word to describe the thought pattern, it may simply be an emotional feeling. What you use to represent the issue is always a personal choice. The thought intention actually sets the pattern for the issue at hand.
  4. Inhale, then exhale the Loaded White Spark up through your vertical pillar and into the Pure White Light of Source. You may desire to send a thought to Source such as, “please heal this for me Source.” Source always does!
  5. Exhale the issue for desired healing into the Pure White Light of Source and feel it release from your awareness. It is now one with Source to receive the healing it desires.
  6. Inhale the Pure White Light of Source down through your vertical pillar and allow it to fill your physical body to over flowing. The Pure White Light of Source will fill in the areas that you released from, like a gentle breeze moving through your physical body.

Be aware that you can move your consciousness into the Pure White Light of Source Consciousness any time you desire and hang out there for as long as you desire for whatever you desire: to rest, to sleep, to relax, for safety, to have temper tantrums, to cry or simply because you want to sit with Source. Source is always home and available so you can go visit without an appointment.

When we are experiencing major imbalances in our life experience it is the result of imbalanced thoughts held within us running at a critical mass of energy and they will continue to run until our consciousness expand to a higher level of energy than the energy of the imbalanced thoughts.

By working daily to focus within the energy of Source and fill our 3D body with the energy of Source we can assist our self to heal much faster by 1) purging the imbalanced thought patterns from our body system and 2) increasing the energy of our consciousness to a higher point of energy than the imbalanced thoughts that are creating the imbalanced experiences within our life.

When we are dealing with extreme emotions that seem to keep our body tied up in knots and perhaps encased within fear, it is because a critical mass of imbalanced thoughts are controlling the functions of our 3D body.

In such times, it can feel like nothing can make our body feel better, it can feel like the emotions are so strong we cannot stop thinking about them or about the issues we are dealing with.

It is during such times that intense focus is required to continue to focus on and fill our body with the energy of Source. It may require several days of intense focus and consistently stepping into the God space to breathe and “seed new thoughts within our body” before we experience the “release” the imbalanced emotions have over the body.

Doing so requires us to be stronger than the imbalanced emotions and when we catch our stepping back into them and focusing within them to instantly stop and step into the God space and fill the body with the energy of Source.

The first time you feel the imbalanced emotions release from the body and the relief that allows for, you will understand completely what that feels like and means. Once you have experienced this, it becomes much easier to know what do instantly do anytime we encounter the challenges the earth life experience can create.

It can feel like very intense healing in such time and it is very intense. We might think of it as if there is a huge hurricane or vortex within the body and and fierce winds tugging on our emotions. The energy of Source will quiet the storm if you continue to remain focused.