Crystal Ring Of Power

What Is Crystal Ring Of Power

Every life form holds as part of their energetic structure a Crystal Ring Of Power. The Crystal Ring Of Power is your “personal emotional control station” that exists inside of you. It allows you to do many things but some of those things will not turn on until you have co-created enough healing to allow them to turn on.

One of the things you can do with your Crystal Ring Of Power now is facilitate stronger healing for your Emotional / Physical Body. It will also allow you to begin healing DNA issues your body currently holds which means it will allow you to turn on more of Source energy in your DNA Template.

The Crystal Ring Of Power is “personal and individual” to every life from. That means that the healing you require is personal to YOU and you may not require the exact same prescription as another person so you are in complete control over your healing through co-creating healing with your Crystal Ring Of Power.

When turned on within the energetic structure, the “home location” of the Crystal Ring of Power is the point on the body just below the collarbone. This location is where the two polarized hearts (one missing heart 5th chakra) merge energy together to create feelings of balanced love within a healed ego.

Because there is now more of Source energy available to planet Earth and its life forms, the Crystal Ring of Power can now be turned on. The way to turn on your Crystal Ring of Power is quite simple. Simply expand yourself into the “God Space” and “ask” Source to turn on your Crystal Ring Of Power. You may notice that it turns on as soon as you enter the God Space, even before you ask because your thought desire will proceed your request.

There is not a standard way your Crystal Ring of Power must look. That is because it is unique and individual to you and will look exactly how you think it should look. There are some standard characteristics that can be shared with you but you should never allow yourself to think if yours does not look just like this that something is wrong because it will look to you as you need it to look.

The Crystal Ring of Power is a ring shaped form similar to a metal washer or a doughnut. It is round with a hole in the center of it. Within the bed of the ring, between the outer and inner rim, it is lined with small crystals each holding their own pastel rainbow color. Color is another aspect that cannot be accurately shared within the Earth reality field because every individual translates the energy of color differently even though the base colors are called the same by all. Each crystal shines light from it associated with the color it carries.

Each crystal corresponds to a polarized frequency band of the time matrix. The number of crystals you see will depend on your own current level of energy.

The bed of the Crystal Ring of Power is also made from crystal that is best described as an Opalescent Color. Kind of like Mother of Pearl and holds soft rainbow colors within it. When you step through the ring in the center of your Crystal Ring of Power you will discover something else wonderful which we will talk about in a bit.

Each crystal corresponds to a DNA Strand, a Chakra, a frequency band and every other part of your anatomy. This is another important reason why to integrate and remember specific parts of your anatomy.

The suggested first step in co-creating with your Crystal Ring of Power is to begin opening your personal Vertical Communication line to your multi-dimensional family of consciousness and Source. As that turns on, you will become more and more aware of receiving your “own” personal guidance, if you are not already.

Many people around the planet have been receiving such guidance for a very long time but many more will now be able to open their personal communication line and receive such simply because there is now more of Source energy available. And those who already have open communication can make that even stronger now.

Turning On Your Crystal Ring Of Power

If you have not already activated your Vertical Pillar, always do so when you co-create to work with Source energy. That will allow your session to be much stronger and anchored within your personal vertical connection to Source. An exercise to activate your Central Pillar can be found in the Exercise Category.

See your Crystal Ring of Power at its home location. Inhale and use the inhale breath to grab onto your Crystal Ring of Power and then use an Exhale breath to push your Crystal Ring of Power up to sit on top of your head. It will be as if you are wearing it like a crown. As you sit the Crystal Ring of Power on top of your head, Inhale and Exhale gently until it fits the top of your head as if it were a crown.

Inhale a spark of Pure White Light from your 12th chakra about 6 inches above your head and Exhale the spark of Pure White Light up into Sun. Inhale the Pure White Light back down to the top of your head and Exhale it into your entire head. You may notice a feeling of a burst of energy inside your head or you may notice something stronger that feels like a brain freeze from eating ice cream too quickly. This will only last a second, if you do. If you do not, that is fine. Give the thought request, “Please turn on my Vertical Communication Line Now”.

This process begins opening the polarized chakras located in the head at different angles.

  • Polarized chakras 11 & 10 are step your Source energy down from the Vertical “non-polarized” chakra-mind 12 into the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  • Polarized chakras 8 & 7 step the energy of Source down from non-polarized chakra-mind 9 and allow for “higher hearing”.
  • Polarized chakras 5 & 4 step the energy of Source down from non-polarized chakra-mind 6 and allow for a balanced ego based only on balanced love. Chakra-mind 6 is of course the 3rd eye in the center of the center of the brain and when activated allows a “lens” to be turned on which allows for higher vision – to see creation beyond the illusion of the hologram.
  • The non-polarized chakra-mind 3 of the Vertical Pillar steps the energy of Source down to the level of the matter base that composes the physical body; the chemicals and hormones, etc. It is only suppose to be this level of your embodied Source mind that controls the operation of the elements that compose the physical body form. That has not been the case for over 26,000 years but was being controlled only be the inorganic Sub-Conscious mind with a location point just below the navel and in the right hemisphere of the brain.

You may notice some physical side effects as the chakras continue their opening process, especially in the brain and the time it takes to open those chakras is individual and dependent on the personal energetic structure.

Some physical side effects are headaches, dizziness or the skull feeling like it is too small. You may notice times when the energy running into you feels like you might blow up at any moment but you will not. Your energetic system has a natural regulation that controls how much energy you can draw in at any given moment and when you have reached your full point in that moment, the process will stop until your energetic structure has expanded to allow more to come in. That is why the body gets sleepy and creates melatonin to put the body to sleep.

You have “always” received communication from your multi-dimensional family of Consciousness. That is the “Social Network” that Source communicates to you through as the energy of Source steps down through each frequency of the time matrix to reach your awareness here. But the vertical pillar chakra-minds were taken out of alignment with the body form and almost completely cut off communication between your higher conscious mind and the physical body.

As your receivers continue their opening process, you may become aware of the scalp becoming tender to the touch. It may feel like the feeling of rubbing a wire brush across your arm when you move your hair around. That is OK if it does, massaging the scalp seems to allow some comfort.

You may also notice a feeling of having an energetic “bowl” sitting on top of your head. That too is OK as what you are actually feeling is the Crystal Ring of Power sitting on top of your head. But it may also make that part of your scalp tender to the touch and itch some. Sometimes it may feel like your skull is not big enough to house your brain. This is a part of the expansion of energy and pulling the hair outward a bit can offer some relief and allow a feeling of expanding the skull. You will most likely discover that your head loves it when you wash your hair so make it a “joyful moment” of relief as you expand to hold more of the energy of Source.

How will you receive your communication?

That is as individual as each face of Source is. The way that you will become aware of receiving communication may be different from one moment to the next. If you have not already experienced the ability of “Direct Cognition” then you may begin receiving via that method. Direct Cognition is becoming aware of thoughts and ideas flowing through your head, just like you currently have thoughts and ideas, but in the process of receiving those thoughts and ideas from your higher levels of consciousness there is a “Heightened Energy” that flows through you. The thoughts may come so quickly that you can barely keep up with them. You may find yourself so amazed that you don’t even have the thought to ask a question but simply sit and allow the thoughts to flow.

You may “Hear a voice speak to you” and if you do, when this occurs for the first time you may question if you are hearing things, did that really occur and it may make you question yourself all over the place. It DID occur! And when it occurs, it will occur again! It will be just like you are hearing someone speak to you through your ears. Just like when you listen to someone in body on Earth. The process is actually occurring from the inside out instead of the outside in, as compared to your physical ears and what you are used to.

What occurs is that the vibration of the energy coming into your chakra receivers travels to the “inner ears” of the physical body and the ear translates that vibration the same as it does when it translates the sounds you hear that occur in the hologram. That is why it will seem like there is indeed speaking to you.

You may receive in images that just appear on the lens of the 3rd eye. This is very common and many will most likely begin to experience this as the body translates the “light” of the energy stream.

And you may receive in all of the above and other ways that are individual to you. All are correct and if you desire, when you feel comfortable to actually let someone else know you are hearing voices or receiving in some manner, then you will begin the process of sharing with the planet the pieces you receive that are to support the whole. Or you may desire to just keep it all to yourself. That is Divine as well!

To assist your process of strengthening your Vertical Communication Line, you can use sleep programming. When you are at the point where your body is totally relaxed and you are just about ready to fall off to sleep, say to yourself over and over again, “I will remember what I receive when I wake up”.

Journals all over the place cannot be stressed enough. Keep one in every room, one at your bedside and one in the bathroom. When your communication begins, it will most likely come in like a freight train. The information will flow so quickly that you may find you have trouble keeping up with it let alone trying to write it down. If that occurs, “Ask” that it be “Slowed” down so you can translate it better. You hold the ability to regulate the speed at which you will receive. A helpful thing to keep with you is one of those voice mp3 recorders.

You may find that if you “hand write” what you receive instead of trying to keep up with it in typing, it will be much easier to control the flow. Hand writing it also allows the physical body to integrate the energy faster.

You can give the thought instruction that a replica of your Crystal Ring of Power remain on top of your head and it will do so and the main one will automatically return to its home position.

DNA Healing, Emotional Body Healing, Time Travel and Much More

Once you have your personal communication line open and begin receiving your personal guidance, you will discover there are many other things that you can now co-create with your Crystal Ring of Power. One of them and the focus for the desired healing required most is Emotional Body Healing. The emotional body is the “entire physical body”.

The Crystal Ring of Power will also work with you for DNA Strand Healing. AND when you expand your Crystal Ring of Power around your physical body and step through the middle of the ring, you will notice that something that looks like a sphere expands around you and is also made of the same Opalescent Crystal as the body of the rim. This is when your Crystal Ring of Power is turned on for Time Travel.

For now, explore, remember, have fun and laugh till it hurts. There is so much Excitement and Joy within the higher levels of creation about the level of healing you can now engage with that it is as if there is a party going on all the time.

Your Time IS NOW! So much to remember and so much fun to experience while doing so. No need to be rigid. Source loves to laugh and so you can even tell jokes if you want to.

Source Blessings To All