Ascension Whispers Birth

The morning of October 5, 2012 I awoke with the Ascension Whispers Song of Intent playing in my head. The song; “Make All Our Dreams Come True”. It was quite an unusual shock to me because it was as if there was a recording inside of my head that kept playing the song over and over. I sat and listened to it for at least fifteen minutes before it stopped and when it stopped, the song had reached its end point again.

Then “Vertical Guidance” (VG) said, “it is time, it is now time to get the information you have been given to a larger audience”.

(AW) – “OK, and how am I supposed to do that, do you have any suggestions”?

(VG) – “Yes, you can use the internet and social networking”.

(AW) – “I can do a web blog but I don’t know anything about social networking, how they work or how to set anything up. And who is going to want to listen to anything I hold to share anyway”?

(VG) – “You will be guided along your task and it does not matter who will listen to the message, those who desire and need to hear the message will hear it”.

(AW) – “Well, I know part of the message but I am not really sure what is desired to be shared”.

(VG) – “No worries, you will know exactly what is desired to be shared as you will be given it to type out as quickly as you can. This is the “most” Joyous Important Event that this planet has seen in millions of years and many desire to know of its importance and the wonderful gift the planet will receive so that “hope” for the Joyous Future will remain alive”.

(AW) – Note here: The excitement coming with this message was one that felt like many children hustling about in excitement to be able to hurry up and open their Christmas gifts.

(AW) – “OK, I will do my best to get this started and make it happen. Do you have a suggestion for a domain name or do you want me to think of one”?

(VG) – Why don’t you try Ascension Whispers. That seems to be fitting”.

(AW) – After seeing if the domain name was available. “Well, Ascension Whispers is available but you already knew that, didn’t you”?

(VG) – Laughing – “Yes, but you did not know that and so now you do”.

And so the journey and adventure began. Trying to figure out how to set up social networking was most of the challenge. Reading help logs as quickly as I could and trying to understand how things occurred and then link them together. Quite a lot of help and support from friends made the process go much faster than it would have on my own.

No sooner were things in place and the information started to come in like a freight train. The wave of excitement that it flowed on would be enough to make anyone forget about sleep or eating and simply desire to ride the wave. Trying to figure out how to slow it down was another adventure and once that was accomplished, to some degree, hand writing and then typing for hours was underway. Discovery of the ease of slowing it down by writing it out long hand was a new adventure as well.

(AW) – “Why am I being given this information to share as I know there are many people around the planet who are also receiving this information”?

(VG) – “Because you can and because it is needed. Others will share in their locations as well and soon there will come a time when people all over the planet will begin sharing the messages they carry to assist the whole”.

(AW) – I had no idea at that time what the desire for Ascension Whispers was and how much sharing would be desired. I simply started the process and continued to share as more guidance was offered that would assist the whole in some fashion. I had no idea how much guidance would be offered nor did I have any idea how much time it was going to take to manage the process.

(AW) – “I do not want to become another guru on planet. I do not want people to look to me for their answers because I do not have their answers. I desire to serve Source in any way I am capable of doing and to assist any face of myself in any means available to me to self heal but I do not want to become a guru”.

(VG) – “You do not have to do anything you do not want to do. You have free will to do as you like at any given moment. You do not have to become a guru and in fact, you do not even have to state your name or your face. The assistance needed is only about the message and nothing more”.

(AW) – As the messages continued to be given, it became very apparent that the desire was not only to share the message of the “Gift” the planet was going to receive from Source and what that meant but to assist anyone who desires to remember how to become aware of their personal connection to Source and regain their personal relationship with Source as well as their Higher Family of Consciousness in the desire to assist as many as possible to begin the process of remembering how to heal themselves.

As you will see from the vast amount of typed material that has been posted here, the desire has been to share quite a lot of information. And still today, I am not sure how much more is desired to be shared on Ascension Whispers or for how long. I simply listen and go through the process of paying attention when something is said to be for the whole.

There remains much excitement in the higher realms for the wonderful Gift from Source we have all received and the fact that we DO have the ability to heal ourselves once again. Every connection feels like stepping into a constant party of excitement.

I do know that all further guidance will remain focused on healing the Emotional / Physical Body as that is what must heal to a certain degree to allow any life form on planet Earth to release themselves from being trapped here and co-create balance in the Earth reality field. I just do not know what any further plans might be or if there are more plans of guidance in the process but it feels like there are.

At the moment, the desire is to assist learning how our physical body works and what it must do to continually support us for the life experience. I am told very few people on planet hold knowledge of the basic fundamentals of the workings of the physical body even though everyone on planet is walking around in one and that it is not understood, even in the scientific and medical communities, the severe effects that stress creates for the operation of the physical body. We can see very quickly the effects of stress on our material belongings, such as our car, but not what it does to our physical body which in fact is like a car for our consciousness and allows us to have a life experience in this reality field.

Our physical body (car) should not wear out and stop working but it does and has for eons of time and part of the process of healing that issue is understanding the many aspects of how we are swimming within a sea of stress, inside and outside of our physical bodies. The messages to follow are a result of many hours of shared messages that have simply unfolded as they have and been put together in some kind of linear sequence to allow more understanding to unfold.

The strong intention is for those who choose to allow their selves to be a conscious part of their healing process to gain more understanding on what stress has to do with our stored energy of Source and what that has to do with being able to heal any part of ourselves.

With that understanding, it seems to be the desire to share as much basic information as possible to understand the power of our thoughts and our personal energy and what we are actually co-creating as we go about our daily lives. Basic and possibly repetitive because it is known that each individual is “unique” in the way their brain will translate information. We would call that, “everyone learns differently”.

Because I am not currently aware of the amount of sharing that will continue to be desired, I am never sure when it will be presented. But along those lines, I have been told that it is desired for those who choose to remember to “apply” instead of simply continue to integrate more information because without application, we are not going to make many larger steps forward any time soon.

I am also being told that many readers of Ascension Whispers are now beginning to receive their personal guidance and are becoming Self Sovereign in their healing process. That is indeed the desire of our Higher Conscious mind as we are each a Self Sovereign expression of Source embodied. Laughing to myself with that comment because I am being shown the image of a baby bird being pushed from the nest by the mother bird.

As guidance for the whole continues to be presented, Ascension Whispers will continue to share it with all who desire to know about it. It may be that it needs to be in the form or an EBook download or something. Not sure but it does feel very large in size. I have come to realize though that the feeling of being large in size fades after one expands to hold those energies open within themselves.

Please take what assists your journey and leave what does not.

Many Blessings for our continued journey of healing.

Ascension Whispers