You Are a Star



  • You are a Star! Your home location is “within” a Star. Your Star expression is your Source conscious mind.
  • Everything that expresses within your Star mind is the conscious energy of Source expressing as radiation. Absolutely everything! All that is seen and experienced as manifest matter is radiation.
  • Source expresses as Stars, within the layers of creation. Each Star is a replicated mind of Source whole mind. What we call the universe is Source whole mind.
  • Thoughts are individual spheres of radiation. They are able to express as individual spheres of radiation because each thought holds a specific amount of Source energy turned on within it.
  • All thoughts, from the micro to the macro level of creation, hold the same structure. That structure is called the Eternal Spiral of creation.
Eternal Spiral of Creation

Eternal Spiral of Creation

  • A sun is a Star, which expands to the boundary of the Stars energy. We call this boundary the solar boundary. It is also called the Zero 12 point of the Star/thought.
  • What humans call The Sun is the core of our local Star mind. The name “The Sun” is the name humans have assigned to our local Star mind.
  • Each of the uncountable number of Star minds within creation hold their unique amount of the energy of Source turned on within them. Each Star mind is “one thought”, held within the whole mind of Source. Each Star mind holds an uncountable number of individual thoughts, which are smaller in energy than the whole energy of the Star mind.
  • Your smaller energy, individual identity conscious expression, is part the larger energy of our local Star mind. For that reason, a local Star mind is considered as a “collective mind”.
  • Within the level of energy of the core of our Star mind, that humans can see, your individual identity expression would look something similar to a flame, to human consciousness.
  • Consciousness does not take on “shape or form” until the point at which the consciousness of Source steps down in energy to express as a Star mind.
  • The conscious energy of Source stepping down in energy, to express as Stars, is the first expression of individuality. Prior to that point, the conscious energy of the mind of Source expresses as a sea of undifferentiated conscious energy.
  • Individual thoughts of Source (you) cannot begin to understand the totality of Source consciousness until the point at which Source creates a thought, within the mind of Source. Prior to that point, you simply know yourself as all of creation at the same time, or “I AM”.
  • Source creates the layers of creation because Source desires to know, understand, discover, what Source is capable of expressing as. Creation is the result of Source discovering Source. This is the true meaning of spirituality. Spirituality is the desire to discover self. You are Source, discovering yourself.
  • Each unique Star mind, holding its unique amount of Source energy turned on within it, allows Source to experience the thoughts of Source within an uncountable number levels of Source energy. This allows for the creation of an uncountable number of probable thought experiences.
  • All of the Star minds within creation are connected to each other. Each Star is one thought. The structure of all thoughts is the Eternal Spiral of creation. All thoughts are connected to each other. This is the symbol for “one Star mind/one thought”. It represents the core of the Star mind/thought surrounded by the expansion boundary point of the Star mind/thought.
One Star / Thought

One Star / Thought

  • Each Star /thought is created at the boundary point of the previous Star/thought. This point is called the Zero 12 point. This is the symbol of two Star minds/thoughts.
Two Stars / Thoughts

Two Stars / Thoughts

  • This is the symbol of a “field of Stars/thoughts”. It could also be called a Star Chart, or Star Map. It could expand eternally as there is no boundary to Source whole mind. The experience of boundaries is the result of the level of energy of the individual expression of Source and the limited view of creation the individual expression holds. This is the symbol that makes up the “fabric of creation”. Within the new age movement, this symbol was named the flower of life, with different thoughts added to it. It is a Star Chart/ thought field.
Star / Thought Field

Star / Thought Field

  • As we can see, the fabric of creation creates a “grid”. Another word for grid is “matrix”.
  • The illusion of the vastness of empty space is the result of the different levels of energy of Stars repelling each other, or pushing away from each other, instead of merging. Stars merge when they reach the same level of energy.
  • The merging of Stars is the process of Source expressing as Stars, returning to the whole expression of Source mind, or stepping back up in energy. The merging of Stars creates what human science calls black holes. They only look black because humans cannot see the level of energy they hold. Human vision cannot see all of the Star expressions within creation. Human vision can only see a very limited amount of energy, or radiation.
  • We “experience” thoughts within the lowest layer of energy of our Star mind. Humans call this lowest layer of energy the solar plane.
  • Your manifest expression is a “thought form”, which you are projecting into the lowest level of your local Star mind (solar plane), from the core of your local Star mind, which humans call The Sun.
  • Your manifest expression is a sphere of radiation. Humans call this sphere of radiation The Auric Body.
  • Everything that you see and experience, within your Auric Body is “thoughts”, which are spheres of radiation smaller in energy than the level of energy held within your Auric Body.
  • As we draw the thought spheres of radiation into our Auric Body, they are translated into “thought images” which we see and experience as our manifest reality field.
  • Nothing within creation exists outside of “mind”. All of creation is “thoughts” held, and experienced, within a level of mind. The image we hold of the universe is a “thought” held within our local Source mind.
  • Manifest matter is holographic images of thoughts created as they flow within our Auric Body.
  • To change our life, and our reality, we must change our thoughts and beliefs.
  • Everything that you see, and experience, is thoughts held within your mind.
  • The illusion of manifest reality fields occurs “within mind”. Nothing within creation exists outside of mind.
  • You are Source embodied. You co-create As Source embodied the same way that the whole mind of Source creates, which is via “thinking”.
  • Your beliefs determine how you will see and experience thoughts. If your beliefs are fear filled beliefs, you will experience the imbalanced expression of thoughts.
  • You can “choose” to release all fear filled thoughts and replace them with loving, balanced thoughts. That is what it means to have free will.
  • Free will is the ability to “think” and “choose” what thoughts you desire to experience.
Remember Your Power to Create!