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Are you a person who requires “proof” to consider thoughts that speak outside of the box of accepted beliefs? Billions of people do, so you are not alone in desiring proof. Ask yourself, what proof is it that you require? Is it scientific proof you require to begin thinking outside of the box of accepted belief systems? If that is the proof you require, it is already available. Perhaps you simply missed the proof.

Are you someone who desires proof via personal experience? There are also billions of people who require such. Until you see it, know it and experience it for yourself, you may not be willing to consider thinking any different that you have been taught to think. You should know, personal experience is not an accepted means of proof within the realm of human science. You should also know that what you were taught to believe does not mean it is considered as proof of anything, within the realm of science.

Perhaps you are someone who requires an image you hold of God to come down through the clouds, looking human, and tell you what the truth is. If so, there are also many people who are waiting on such proof. Such a thing would fall under the heading of “personal experience”.

The proof you require will depend on your current belief system, if you are only willing to accept what falls within the range of your current belief system. If it is personal experience proof you require, then you will have to wait until you experience such proof for yourself. The proof is all around us. Being able to see the proof depends on what you have been taught is truth.

I can share my personal experiences with you the rest of my life. That does not mean they will be the proof you require, if you require your own experiences as proof. I can also point out the proven scientific facts, to assist you to see what you are seeing, and believing, in a different way. This may assist you to discover any personal experience proof you may require.

Perhaps you are someone who no longer requires proof, and can see truth for yourself. You may be trying to assist others to see the same things you are seeing but are not sure how to get through to them. The truth is, they cannot hear you until they have reached a point of healing that will allow them to hear you. They cannot even consider thoughts you may share with them, that are different than what they believe, until they have reached a point of energy within their self that will allow them to do so. This is because, until they turn on more cells within their body, that will allow them to turn on more flows of energy within their body, they cannot know anything except what is programmed within their cells. Turning on more cells implies turning on more human DNA, as human DNA is held within the cells of the human body.

The creation of new cells within the human body requires energy. The body and brain requires energy to operate. If the body and brain is using all of the energy it can receive to keep the body operating, there is no extra energy to create and turn on more human DNA.

This is what it means to “spark” someone. When we offer thoughts for consideration, the thoughts we offer is energy. If the energy of the thought is able to generate a large enough spark within the individual, it will create a domino effect of sparking. If the individual is filled with fear based thoughts, the fear they hold can keep the spark from occurring. This is because the body needs more energy to continue to create the fear based thoughts that are believed.

It does create a challenging situation as those who are filled with fear require the truth even more. It does not really matter. All will heal and remember the truth when they are able to. It may not be until the earth life is finished, but all will eventually remember the truth of creation. However, it does matter if we desire to assist to co-create as much balance as possible within this earth hologram, while we remain here. It matters because truth is what will allow those who are consumed with fear to begin to heal the fear that consumes them. When the individual experiences healing of their fears, they begin to feel more balance, therefore, they co-create more balance. This is why it is important to never miss an opportunity to at least offer the spark.

If you are one who requires scientific proof that what humanity has been taught is truth is not truth, there is such science available to assist your journey of remembering truth. Sadly for humanity, these pieces of scientific discoveries are spread throughout the many different factions of science. Unless one is seeking truth, they most likely will not discover such information.

Perhaps you are trying to share truth with someone and the response you receive is, “show me the science”. That may seem overwhelming as the general population are not really intended to understand the languages science has created. I have shared the things listed below in many different writings, but if you are trying to gift someone with thoughts to consider and you were to send them to Ascension Whispers, they may think it is all hocus pocus stuff and not even bother to check it out. If they desire the science, show them the science. If the thoughts of science are able to generate an inner spark, they will then desire to seek out more of what science has discovered.

All we can do to assist other people to heal into truth is to offer them the spark. Then we must be willing to simply allow Source to work within them and grow that spark into more sparks that can ignite into flames. We can show the way by living the truth, and being the example of Source embodied. That does not mean we will not stumble, trip or fall down. It means we have the strength to get back up and continue to walk the path back into balance. Below is a list you could print out and carry with you, if you desire to share the proof of science with someone. There are lots of scientific papers on the internet for the individual to discover for their self.

Do you know these proven scientific facts?

Quantum Physics & Physics:

Matter does not exist unless someone is looking. What does this statement mean?

  • The someone looking is not made of manifest matter.
  • Matter is a holographic illusion.
  • Matter is a “mental construct”, which means matter is the result of “thoughts”. This means matter is created via “thinking”.
  • Thinking does not require a brain made of out matter.
  • It means that “mind” is not a construct of matter.
  • It means that the human brain is not mind.
  • It means that your matter body is a thought, created by mind.
  • It means that everything you are experiencing as matter is thoughts, held within your non-matter mind.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, energy simply changes form. All of creation is made of energy. What do these proven scientific facts tell us?

  • All of creation is the same energy, which has no beginning or ending point.
  • All of the energy of creation comes from the same, one and only “Source”.
  • You are energy, created of the same, one and only Source.
  • You are an “eternal” mind, which creates the illusion of matter, which simply changes form.
  • It means there is only “one mind” within all of creation. I call that one mind, Source mind.
  • It means that Source mind creates the illusion of matter and that Source expresses as the illusion of matter. There is no other energy except the energy of Source.

Everything that we see and experience, we see and experience inside of the brain of our human body form. What does this proven scientific fact tell us?

  • What we see does not exist outside of us the way we see it. It only exists inside of our brain.
  • What we experience via all other human body senses, we experience inside of our brain, within the sense regions in the brain.
  • The inside of the human body, including the brain, is sealed in complete darkness.

What does this mean we are seeing and experiencing inside of our brain? To answer that question, we need the science of Quantum Physics and Physics. This is why it can be challenging for even scientists to see the truth of what they are seeing, because the data of science is spread out within the different factions of science. Each faction of science creates their own languages, their own words and labels. Unless the person looks at the different factions of science, they may not be aware of the other pieces held within the different factions of science.

It means what we are seeing, and experiencing, inside of our brain are the thoughts held within our mind.

Solar Science:
  • The sun does not emit heat or light. The sun emits radiation.

Yet, we are seeing a reality field filled with light and matter. What creates the light? What is light? Since what we are seeing does not exist outside of our brain the way we think it does, where is the light we see created?

Space Science:

We live within a solar system. A solar system has a sun at the center, is surrounded by planets, that we see orbiting the sun, and extends to the solar boundary. The solar boundary is the boundary of our solar system. A sun is really a Star. Our sun emits radiation. Without The Sun, nothing would exist within our solar system.

Most likely you were taught about the solar system in grade school. Let’s put all of these proven scientific facts together to see the truth of what we are seeing. If you are waiting on science to do this for you, you will be waiting until the different factions of science merge into one. Which is highly unlikely, within the earth experience.

  • We live inside of a Star. What we call “The Sun” is the core of our Star. Our Star emits radiation that expands to the boundary of our Star. Everything that exists from the center of the core of our Star to the boundary of our Star is radiation.
  • There are not really manifest planets hanging out in space, orbiting The Sun. They are holographic thought images, created inside of our brain.
  • The core of our Star (The Sun) creates the illusion of all matter we see within our star, including our matter body form. Were it not for The Sun, nothing would exist within our Star.
  • This means our non-matter mind IS our Star. It means we ARE a Star Mind, creating and experiencing the “thoughts” held within our Star Mind.
  • It means that the image we see, and call the “universe” is a thought image, created in our brain. It is a thought image held within our Star Mind.
  • It means that our Star Mind is created by the one and only Source of creation, with the energy of the one and only Source of creation.
  • It means that all of the Stars we see are Star Minds, held within the universal Source mind.
  • It means that the universal mind of Source is “conscious mind”.
  • It means that ALL of creation, is the thoughts held within universal Source mind.
  • We have the ability to “think”, which implies we are mind. It implies we are NOT our human body form but that our human body form is a “thought form” we are currently experiencing within.
  • It means we are an Eternal mind expression of Source.
  • It means there is no such thing as death, there is only change of “form”. Form is a thought form.
  • It means we are the creator of what we see and experience.
  • The creation point of everything that expresses within our Star Mind is the core, or center of our Star Mind.
  • It means that what we see and experience is thoughts, held within our mind.
  • Nothing within creation exists outside of mind. There is no such thing as outside of mind.
  • It means we can change what we see and experience by changing our thoughts and beliefs.
  • It means that all of humanity is of the same local Star Mind and all of humanity is co-creating the holographic reality field we call earth via thoughts.
  • Thoughts are units of radiation.
  • It means it requires humanity to change their thoughts and beliefs to co-create a balanced holographic reality field.
  • It means that the holographic reality field, we see and experience, occurs within the brain of each human expression. This means no two people see and experience the exact same thing, as each person is a unique expression (thought form) of Source mind.
  • It means that every single person is correct, in what they see and believe, because every single person is creating what they see and believe inside of their unique brain.
  • If you do not like what you see and are experiencing, it means you must change your thoughts to be what you desire to see and experience.

Now, look at your thoughts. Look at your beliefs. Are they creating what you desire to experience? What are you feeling? Is that what you desire to feel?

Love is the only thing that can heal imbalanced thoughts. Love is the highest expression of energy that exists. Love can heal all imbalanced thoughts.