White Light Spheres Of Source

Emotional Body Healing

Suggested Reading Prior To This Exercise – The Walls That Bind


If you desire, you can download an MP3 file of this meditation by right clicking HERE and saving the file to your computer.

  1. Always begin any desired exercise for healing by grounding yourself into Earth’s core and filling your energetic fields with Source energy and activating your Central Pillar. There are many ways to accomplish this and it is not desired for you to think that you are not doing something correctly if you do not follow a shared method. If you require assistance, you can find such from the exercise – Expanding Awareness Of You As Source.
  2. Once grounded and filled with Source energy; take 3 inhale – exhale breaths, drawing Source energy from the “God Space” and into your AzurA located just below the point where your collarbones come together. As you exhale Source energy into the AzurA, use the exhale breath to gently expand the white light sphere you are creating within the AzurA.
  3. On the next inhale breath, inhale as if you are drawing Source energy from the God Space and from the Earth Core at the same time, into the white sphere of energy at the AzurA, hold the breath for a moment to build up a quantum of energy and then exhale with a forceful push, allowing the exhale breath to send sparks of white light down your arms, down your legs, into your feet, up to your head and throughout your entire body. Imagine your entire body being instantly filled with sparks of white light similar to a fire-works display occurring within you.
  4. Breathe gently and watch, pretend or imagine that each tiny spark of white light is now surrounding every cell that your body is composed of. As you become aware of this feeling, gently inhale more of Source energy from the God Space into the AzurA and then exhale Source energy throughout your entire body. Continue this gentle cycle of inhale and exhale breaths of Source energy into your body for a few moments and allow your body to relax completely and simply enjoy the heightened energy of Source softly flowing throughout your entire physical and emotional body.
  5. You are now going to consciously work with Source energy to co-create the White Light spheres of energy in this first walled layer of your Emotional Body. Your Emotional Body knows full well your intentions and it is now time to mentally connect with your Emotional Body, your Inner Child and offer much love and assurance of comfort and peace. Remember, your Inner Child is terrified of even thinking about this layer of walls locked away within it and needs to be comforted and assured that it will not have to remember any of those feelings locked away within those walls. Mentally or verbally speak to your Inner Child in a soft comforting voice, as if speaking to a small terrified child. Assure your Inner Child of your love and the love of Source.
  6. Bring your focus of attention back to the trillions of cells that compose your physical body and see or imagine the tiny white light spheres that are now surrounding them.
  7. As you continue gentle inhale – exhale breaths of Source energy into your physical body, notice that the tiny spheres begin to merge with each other. Continue gentle breathing for a few seconds while this process continues and then notice that all of the tiny white light spheres have now merged to become one large sphere of white light that fills your entire body.
  8. On the next 3 inhale – exhale breaths, use the breath to gently expand this inner white light sphere until it expands outward to surround your entire body. Expansion between 3 to 6 inches surrounding your physical body.
  9. Scan inside of your physical body. Use your inner vision or a “feeling” of resistance within your physical body or simply pretend that you can imagine the many walls that exist within this layer of your Emotional Body. The walls look like a bed of crystals that are dark in color, some of them black or a very deep dark red. Do not focus on the walls or what might be locked within them. Simply become aware that they are there.
  10. Bring your focus back to the God Space and inhale a stream of White Source energy directly through your central pillar and straight to the first wall that you are aware of. Notice that as the White Stream of Source energy makes contact with this first wall, it quickly spreads out, surrounding the wall completely within a White Sphere of Source energy. This white sphere now shines brightly within you and makes it easier for you to become aware of the layer of walls that exist there. This Shining White Sphere of Source will now remain around that wall and continue to expand inward to heal the wall and everything held within.
  11. Once that wall and its contents have been fully transmuted, it will appear as a puff of white smoke that seemingly rapidly bursts into view and then quickly leaves your Emotional / Physical Body to return to Source for more healing.
  12. Some walls contain stronger lower, more compacted emotions than others. If you continue to work with this exercise on a regular basis, suggested at least 3 times per week and either draw more of Source energy to a sphere you have already set in place or create a new sphere for another wall, you will quickly discover that your emotions feel more balanced and at peace.
  13. After each healing session, always remember to thank your Inner Child for assisting your shared desire for healing and always let your Inner Child know of your eternal love for him or her.
  14. As you begin to become aware of more of Source energy flowing through your entire system, you will find it is much easier to continue to focus on your mission of healing for the whole.
  15. You do not need to do steps 3 & 4 each time you engage with this process of healing the walls within you after the first sessions of those steps but of course you can if you choose to do so.