White Light Spheres of Source 2 – Inner Cell Layer


It is suggested to work with the first step of this process, White Light Spheres of Source, for at least 3 weeks to allow the outer healing spheres to set in place and strengthen before placing the Inner White Light Spheres within the center of the cells.

  1. Always begin any desired exercise for healing by grounding yourself into Earth’s core, filling your energetic fields with Source energy and activating your Central Pillar. There are many ways to accomplish this and it is not desired for you to think that you are not doing something correctly if you do not follow a shared method. If you require assistance, you can find such from the exercise – Expanding Awareness Of You As Source.
  2. Once grounded and filled with Source energy; take 3 inhale – exhale breaths, drawing Source energy from the “God Space” and into your AzurA located just below the point where your collarbones come together. As you exhale Source energy into the AzurA, use the exhale breath to gently expand the white light sphere you are creating within the AzurA.
  3. On the next inhale breath, inhale as if you are drawing Source energy from the God Space and from the Earth Core at the same time, into the white sphere of energy at the AzurA, hold the breath for a moment to build up a quantum of energy and then exhale with a forceful push, allowing the exhale breath to send sparks of white light down your arms, down your legs, into your feet, up to your head and throughout your entire body. Imagine your entire body being instantly filled with sparks of white light.
  4. Breathe gently and simply have the thought “Inner Cell” then watch, pretend or imagine that each tiny spark of white light is now entering every cell that your body is composed of. As you become aware of this feeling, gently inhale more of Source energy from the God Space into the AzurA and then exhale Source energy throughout your entire body. Continue this gentle cycle of inhale and exhale breaths of Source energy into your body for a few moments and allow your body to relax completely and simply enjoy the heightened energy of Source softly flowing throughout your entire physical and emotional body.

Your “thought intention” is always the steering wheel for the waves of the energy of Source. Faster than you may be able to assemble your thoughts, your intention has already given the instructions to the waves of Source energy and where they should go and once you become aware of something within yourself that requires healing, the healing process has already began.

There are an uncountable number of cells that compose your physical body and they are all connected to the cells that compose the Earth body and all of those cells are connected to the much larger structures that the Earth body is held within and once you expand back out of the illusion of manifestation and separation, you will once again become aware that you are actually a never ending eternal force which you may now call Source.

Simply because this next process of healing is the next process planet Earth is experiencing healing through, it is the same level you are able to experience healing through. Every time that you choose to focus on healing for yourself or for the whole and you first focus on Source, the healing that you are able to receive will be amplified in measures you currently are not aware of.

Every time that you choose to consciously connect with Source energy and consciously draw more of Source energy unto yourself, you are amplifying the quantum you would naturally receive via the planetary exchange. This also means you are amplifying the amount of Source energy available to the Earth and all life forms of the Earth. There is no need to allow yourself to feel as though you are alone as it is impossible for you to ever be alone. Look at the Earth and see part of your family all around you.

It is known that there is a collective question from people after the information was shared about Healing of Planetary Star Gate 12 and the question is; “what can I do to assist to heal Planetary Star Gate 12”? Your answer will be addressed soon and more understanding offered but it will require much more knowledge than a simple answer for you to understand what it means to be part of assisting to heal anything.

Until that is able to occur, please know that each time you choose to facilitate healing for yourself, you ARE doing so for the entire planet.

Source Blessings To ALL