Gifting the Loving Joy of Source Remotely

  1. Begin by increasing the amp charge of your energetic system with Source energy, activating your Central Pillar and anchoring your fields into Earths’ core. Assisting exercise located here.
  2. Inhale a White Spark of Source energy from the God Space down to your 2nd chakra, just below the navel. Exhale the White Spark into the 2nd chakra.
  3. Take 6 more Inhale / Exhale breaths, drawing Source energy from the God Space and into the White Spark in the 2nd chakra. On each Exhale breath, expand the White Spark to form a sphere about the size of a grapefruit.
  4. Either by Deeply Connecting with your Loving Joy Thought Memory or by using one of your Loving Joy songs, allow your entire body to be filled with the emotional feeling of Loving Joy.
  5. Once your entire body has re-connected with the feeling of Loving Joy, take at least 6 Inhale / Exhale breaths to expand the White Sphere at the 2nd chakra until it fills your entire body and surrounds your entire body, as if wearing a second skin on your physical body. Remain connected with the feeling of Loving Joy.
  6. Inhale and contract the White Sphere, now encrypted with your gift of Loving Joy, back into the 2nd chakra, again about the size of a grapefruit.
  7. Inhale another White Spark of Source energy from the God Space and into the White Sphere at the 2nd chakra; as the White Spark reaches the White Sphere, give the mental direction “Replicate Now”. You now have two White Spheres at the 2nd chakra, both fully encrypted with your Loving Joy gift.
  8. On the next Inhale breath, Inhale up from Earth Core and from the God Space at the same time, hold the Inhale breath for as long as comfortably possible to build quantum thrust.
  9. When you Exhale, bring to mind the person, object, location of the destination of your gift then Exhale forcefully, using the Exhale breath to push one White Sphere down to Earth Coe and the other White Sphere directly out the 2nd chakra, expanding it in all directions from your physical body.

Your gift of Loving Joy has now been delivered via the planetary system and on the 2nd dimensional frequency band level. The recipient always retains the free will choice to accept your gift nor not.

If you choose, allowing yourself to connect with and remember the feeling of Loving Joy, you will discover your awareness of you as Source and emotional feelings become more pleasant.