Encrypting Thought Patterns

Re-Encrypting Imbalanced Thought Patterns


  1. Activate your Vertical Pillar; anchor your energy into Earth’s core and into the God Space. If you need assistance, click HERE.
  2. Fill your entire Physical / Emotional Body with Loving Joy. The quantum charge of Source energy available to you for co-creation will be much stronger depending on how well you can allow yourself to be filled entirely with the Loving Joy of Source.
  3. Imagine an orange sphere at the 2nd chakra, located just below your navel.
  4. Imagine the distorted thought inside the orange sphere, at the 2nd chakra. The distorted thought could look like text, a picture or an emotional feeling. It can look like whatever you choose it to look like. Once you have placed the distorted thought into the orange sphere, it is now “loaded.”
  5. Inhale the loaded orange sphere up your Vertical Pillar and into the God Space; gently exhale the loaded orange sphere into the God Space.
  6. Inhale Source White energy from the God Space into the orange sphere.
  7. Mentally or verbally ask Source to assist you to bring the distorted thought back into balance.
  8. Inhale and Exhale Source White energy into the orange sphere two more times and notice that the orange sphere now changes to a creamy orange color. This creamy orange looks like orange sherbet or vanilla ice cream that has had orange soda pop added to it. It is not a pale orange but more of a lighter shade of orange.
  9. Next, imagine the “healed thought” within the creamy, orange sphere. Make the image within the orange sphere look like what you think that distorted thought should look like healed. Again, you can use anything you like as the image; it could be text, a picture or an emotional feeling or all of those things.
  10. Inhale the newly loaded creamy, orange sphere back down your Vertical Pillar to the 2nd chakra, just below the navel. Gently exhale the creamy, orange sphere into the 2nd chakra.
  11. Inhale a White Spark of Light from the God Space and into the creamy, orange sphere and as soon as the White Spark hits the creamy, orange sphere the sphere busts like an exploding star burst, similar to a very large firework in the night sky.
  12. Exhale forcefully, filling your entire physical body with the creamy, orange burst of light and expanding the creamy, orange burst of light outside of your physical body in every direction, seeing it flow into the planetary hologram.

Your newly created encrypted thought must reach critical mass to begin shining forth from you. Choose your words and thoughts slowly and carefully, allowing you to become aware when the distorted thought resurfaces. When it does, instantly STOP your thoughts and words, and imagine the newly encrypted, creamy, orange sphere at the 2nd chakra. Then inhale a White Spark of Source energy from the God Space and into the sphere and forcefully exhale the creamy, orange star burst.

Continue this process until you no longer have awareness of the distorted thought running through you on autopilot. You can reseed as many distorted thought patterns as you desire but remember, the newly encrypted thought patterns must reach a critical mass of energy within you, and time needed to heal will be dependent on your consistent application and awareness of catching the distorted thought when it runs.

Continue to strengthen your connection with Source by focusing on Source within the God Space and communing with Source. This will increase the quantum of Source energy available to you for healing and co-creation. Of course, you can call on your Vertical family of consciousness to assist you at any time with anything and they will do so.

It is suggested to begin healing distorted thought patterns that do not hold as much charge as others. Heal yourself and you will assist to heal the planet but don’t start focusing on healing the planet first. Remember your personal power but don’t allow yourself to falsely think you are more powerful than what you can access at any given moment.

Seeding New Desired Thought Experiences


You can also seed newly desired thought creations into your hologram by using the same exercise above and sending an empty, orange sphere into the God Space and loading it from Within the God Space to seed into the hologram. Simply follow all other steps of the exercise as given. You could seed abundance (not money but abundance, if money is required for that to manifest, it will find a way), good health, peace, love, balance or anything you can imagine that is in balance with Source.

What is imagination? Thought!!!


Just Imagine…………………………..

Source Loving Joy To All