Can You Hear My Whispers

Song from the Soul – A Gift For All

Suggested to listen through head phones so you can better connect with the Loving Joy of the message.

 Can you hear my whis-pers

Can you fe-el my love

Can you hear me call your name

From some-where up a-bove

I am right here with you

I am right be-side you

I will never leave your side

No mat-ter what you do

Can you hear me Dear One

Can you fe-el my touch

Listen close-ly An-gel

Feel my ge-n-tel hug

I will always love you

I will nev-er leave you

I will al-ways be by your side

No mat-ter what you choose

Lis-ten clo-ser An-gel

Spread your wi-ngs and fly

Hear the whis-pers on the breeze

Hear the lov-ing sighs

Can you hear my whis-pers

Soft-ly call-ing your name

Walk-ing right be-side you

We are bo-th the same