6th Dimensional Sanctuary Cabin

Discovering More About You, Accessing Your Answers, Continued Energy Shifts


The 6th dimensional frequency band is the Seat of your Soul level of consciousness and a Bridge to your Over Soul and Christos level of consciousness. It can be much easier for those who desire to make an open communication line to their higher family of consciousness to do so from the 6th dimensional frequency band by expanding your focus of attention for communication from your Soul seat.

Your Christos level of consciousness is “seated” at the 12th dimensional frequency band and is viewing / interacting with the frequency bands of 10 and 11. Your Over Soul level consciousness is “seated” at the 9th dimensional frequency band and is viewing / interacting with the frequency bands of the 8and 7. Your Soul level of consciousness is “seated” at the 6th dimensional frequency band and is viewing / interacting with frequency bands 5 and 4. You are experiencing the Earth reality field as your Incarnate level of consciousness, “seated” at the 3rd dimensional frequency band and viewing / interacting with frequency bands 1 and 2.

As continued planetary shifts into higher sub-frequencies of Source energy occur, each shift will allow more people to open communication with their Vertical Family of Consciousness and the ability to receive their personal guidance much clearer.

The current challenges that exist in the 2nd dimensional frequency band create blockages in the communication lines between the life forms of planet Earth and their personal Vertical family of consciousness. Many people on Earth have the phone open on their end and the phone is eternally open on the other end of the communication line but the 2nd dimensional challenges have scrambled the “wires” between the 2 phones.

Each planetary shift into higher sub-harmonics of energy allows more “wires” to be connected but these wires are actually the receivers or chakras that hold a connection point within the physical / energetic body form. Each person interacts with and receives energy unique unto their personal expression of Source so it cannot be stated in black and white that all must experience, communicate and receive energy in the exact same way.

Many people have heard sound tones within their physical ears for a long time and this can be associated with an open phone line on their end but it does not mean if someone does not hear these tones that their phone line is not open. It is simply a matter of healing to allow the wires to connect to get an open line flowing.

As the steps of repairing Planetary Star Gate 12 continues, those who do hear the sound tones within their ears will notice these sound tones seems to amplify with each planetary shift into higher sub-harmonics of energy; at times it may seem as if the inner sound tones become so loud it can seem challenging to hear “around” them. The amplification balances out as the planet and her life forms integrate the higher sub-harmonics of each shift then seem to go back to their normal amplification.

When Planetary Star Gate 12 comes back on line in December 2013, there will begin a “12 Tone Sequence” running through the planetary grids which planet Earth and her life forms have not experienced for hundreds of thousands of years. Each smaller shift into sub-harmonics of energy allows for a “gradual shift” to prepare for the 12 Tone Sequence. For the life forms that are able to heal, they may simply become aware of the feeling of more energy flowing through them. Healing does occur in balance but there can be experienced physical side effects when experiencing within a form that holds so much out of balance.

Why does sound amplify with increased energy of Source flowing? The higher quantum of Source energy sings louder as there is more energy held within larger quantum of energy. All energy creates sound tones as a result of vibration and oscillation. The rate of vibration and oscillation as well as the thought encryption held within the spark of energy determines the tonal signature that is created. The tonal signature is what “speaks” the name of flow of energy / conscious life forms.

As the quantum of Source energy flowing unto planet Earth and her life forms increases, many people will discover their physical senses heighten to new levels they will not be able to ignore, especially to light and sound. The physical eyes can become very sensitive to light particles as the rate of energy accretion increases and sound will seem to amplify to degrees that even a pen drop can sound very loud. Such heightened physical senses can also allow people to become more aware of the higher quantum of energy flowing through their physical body form.

If you choose, you can assist your energetic system to prepare for these shifts into higher sub-harmonics of energy by expanding your consciousness to spend time within the 6th dimensional frequency band and while you do so, you can choose to spend time in your Sanctuary Cabin of the 6th dimensional frequency band and access the bridge to your Higher Family of Consciousness, which can allow for a “stronger” line of communication to receive answers to your questions.

You are the only one who holds the answers you seek and you can access your answers through your Vertical Connection to Source much easier from your 6th Dimensional Sanctuary Cabin and the communication access tools you have created there.

If you desire to visit your 6th Dimensional Sanctuary Cabin and have forgotten how to access it, the Exercise offered can assist you.

*AW Note: The Exercise for accessing the 6th Dimensional Sanctuary Cabin and Communication Control Center involves 30 Steps and takes about 20 minutes. It was guided and necessary to have this exercise professionally recorded to allow it to be user friendly and easier to follow.

I am quite happy to share with you that this has been accomplished and I think you will be quite pleased with the beauty of this recording. The desire is to allow the experience to become as real as possible for all who choose to do this Exercise. All thoughts are indeed “real” but trying to convince ourselves of such can sometimes be rather challenging.

You will find special sound effects and beautiful music to assist you to allow the experience to become as real as possible for yourself and the beauty you will remember from your 6th Dimensional Sanctuary Cabin is like none you will find within the Earth reality field.

Not only can you journey to the 6th Dimensional Sanctuary Cabin to rediscover the answers you seek but you can explore the reality field of the Living, Breathing Forest that exists in the 6th Dimension and the many Loving life forms that await your return.

As you journey to your 6th Dimensional Sanctuary Cabin, you will become aware of the way and means to access other dimensional levels as well and can visit these levels any time you desire. In my personal experience, it is like taking a vacation of a life time and not one that can be discovered within the Earth reality field.

If you would like to experience this beautiful journey, you can access the recording that will guide you to do so via this link. Just right click and save MP3 file to your computer. File Size = 15.9 MB Click Here