Communing With Source – The God Space

Remembering The God Space



Many people have been asking me, “How do I find this God Space you keep talking about”?

I do so desire to assist anyone and everyone into that self discovery and remembering their personal connection with Source but the experience is different for each one of us as it is a “personal relationship between you and Source”.

I can share with you my personal experience but I cannot give that to you or I would do that as well; you can count on that.

You could ask any number of people how they connect and commune with Source and could receive a different answer from anyone you ask. There is no right or wrong way to commune with Source. You ARE Source embodied so you are actually communing with yourself but you are an individuated face of Source expressing as a tiny bit of the energy of Source so it is quite normal and necessary to allow ourselves to commune with the rest of our self that is not incarnate within these physical bodies.

Simply “being with Source” has nothing at all to do with any paradigm of thinking so it is not dependent on any belief system held within any paradigm of thinking. You do not have to belong to some organization to sit and talk to yourself which essentially is what you are doing when you communicate with Source. The challenge most of the people are dealing with is many have forgotten what it might feel like to fill yourself with the energy of Source and the limiting, chosen beliefs can get in our way of simply allowing and experiencing communion with Source.

Actually, you do not have to do anything except talk to Source, either verbally or mentally and Source always hears and Source always responds. That is where most people feel helpless or lose track of their personal relationship with Source because if they do not become aware of the feeling of the energy of Source or become aware of the response they may even doubt that Source exists. So, you can talk to Source with very little effort. That means what is actually desired is to remember how to feel and hear Source respond.

• First and foremost, you must “get out of your way”. If you are holding onto any tiny belief that speaks to you that such is not possible then you most likely will not experience anything because you won’t allow yourself to experience anything because you believe it is not possible and you will always experience what you hold onto as your beliefs.

• Next you must learn to “quite the mind chatter” and relax your body completely. That is where guided meditations can assist as most of the population think it is impossible to accomplish that or they become so agitated in trying they simply give up.We live in a “stress driven” hologram; our outer environment is very stressful but the environment inside of our body is even more stressful and that stress is expressing outside of us to shine forth in the hologram.

• While you are still in the process of trying to remember what it feels like to sit with Source within the God Space, it is suggested to prepare your environment before you begin. Once you remember your space and the feeling you will realize you can enter that space within any environment, any time you desire.

Prepare your space by making sure you are as comfortable as possible: low lighting or darkness, temperature, loose or no clothing (which ever you prefer), rid all distractions (turn off the phone). You may discover that soft music with no words assists you to get into your space much faster, it does for some but it is distraction for others.

• Practice with the Loving Joy Song as offered on Ascension Whispers to allow yourself to remember the feeling of the Loving Joy of Source fill your entire being to over flowing as you will encounter this feeling when you are in the God Space with Source.


• Once you are comfortable and ready to begin your journey into self discovery, rub the palms of your hands together briskly for a couple of minutes then place the palms of your hands together, facing each other but not touching; just barely apart but not touching.

Close your eyes and focus on “feeling” through the palms of your hands. Try to feel the heat of the energy between the palms of your hands and once you become aware of this feeling, slowly move your hands apart a little bit more and then back together, without touching.

If need be, rub them together again and continue the exercise until you can feel the heat between the palms of your hands.Once you feel this energy, play with it a bit. Slowly move your hands together and then back out and together and back out, without touching the palms together.

The energy that you feel flowing between the palms of your hands IS the energy of Source. There is only ONE source of energy and so you can allow yourself to think that it is just your body heat you are feeling but you would not have body heat if it were not for the energy of Source flowing through your body.

You may become aware of a tingling feeling within the palms of your hands as you play with the energy you hold there. As you move your palms in and out you may notice a feeling of a ball of energy between the palms of your hands. If you notice this then notice that as you continue to move your palms in and out the ball of energy continues to get bigger and bigger.

• Once you feel the ball of energy between your palms, imagine that it divides into two balls of energy and turn your palms upward, as if the palms of your hands are facing the ceiling. With your eyes closed and focusing on feeling the energy in the palms of your hands, notice the feeling of holding a ball of energy in both palms.

You can move your hands around and play with the balls of energy any way you like; after all, it is your energy.This exercise can assist you to “remember” what energy feels like moving through your body. If you do not feel anything the first time do not worry about it, just keep trying until you do but remember you must believe.

• At this point you should have acquired some memory feeling with your physical body of what energy flowing and the Loving Joy of Source feels like within your body. You are now ready to rediscover your strong point of connection to Source within your physical body.

As you continue to work with yourself into self discovery you may find that your strong point is a different location than within the exercise below. When you become aware of that simply adjust the exercise to match your strong point of feeling. It is YOUR energy you are working with, YOUR connection to Source so you can adapt anything you need to at any time to fit your own needs. I am simply sharing my process that works for “ME”.


Entering the God Space

You can download a beautiful MP3 meditation HERE to assist you to enter the God Space and fill yourself with the Love and energy of Source.

  1. Ensure your body is comfortable and begin slow breathing rhythms. Retain focus of your in and out breath as you gently breathe. If necessary, count your in and out breaths for a bit to assist your retained focus on your breathing rhythm.
  2. Inhale a white stream of energy from about 6 inches above your head all the way down the center of your body to about 6 inches below your feet. Exhale gently and on the next inhale breath, inhale a white stream of energy back up and into the bottom of both of your feet. Exhale and relax for a moment.
  3. As you continue gentle rhythmic breathing, become aware of your feet and imagine a wave of white energy flowing into the bottoms of your feet. The wave of white energy is very soft and gentle and yet you can feel it flowing into the bottom of your feet making the bottom of your feet warm, similar to the warmth you felt in the palms of your hands.
  4. As you continue your breathing rhythm, notice that the wave of white energy continues to move up your legs and into your knees. Feel your knees totally relaxing and release a soft sigh as you feel your feet, ankles and knees completely relax.
  5. The wave of white energy now moves up into your thighs and fills your stomach area. Your thighs and stomach area are now completely relaxed.
  6. The wave of white energy moves up into your chest area and then into your neck area. Feel your chest and neck muscles completely relax. Release another deep sigh breath as you completely relax your chest and next area.
  7. The wave of white energy now flows into the back of your neck and then up into your facial muscles to completely relax your facial muscles. Feel the back of your neck completely relax as the warm, white energy gently caresses all of the muscles in the back of your neck. Allow your mouth to relax and part your lips ever so slightly as they do so. You may be feeling really sleepy now but continue to focus on your breathing and the warm energy filling your body.
  8.  The white energy now fills your entire skull area. Feel the muscles of your skull completely relax. Inhale deeply and hold the breath for a moment and then exhale deeply, contracting your stomach muscles to release all of the air from your lungs. Now breathe gently and notice that your entire body is relaxed. If you need to go to sleep then simply do so; with continued practice you will be able to stay awake for longer periods.
  9. We are now going to enter into the God Space via the 3rd eye that sits somewhere in the middle of the brain back from the middle point of your forehead in the center of your eyes. This is the location of the 6th chakra and it is also the 13th pillar of Source. This location sits directly over the center point of the original thought of Source or the creation point, when we are experiencing within the illusion of manifestation. The 13th pillar, 3rd eye point is open all the way back to the creation point through all layers of outer and inner creation and we can very quickly enter the God Space via the 13th pillar, 3rd eye point of the 6th chakra.
  10. Inhale a white stream of energy from your 12th chakra, located 6 inches above your head, into the 3rd eye in the center of your brain and Exhale this stream of white energy into the 3rd eye creating a sphere of white energy. Take 2 more inhale and exhale breaths into the white sphere and make it glow even brighter with the white energy of Source.
  11. Now imagine a tiny you or a mini image of yourself sitting within the white sphere of energy of the 3rd eye. Imagine the white sphere and pretend that a mini you is sitting in the center of the white sphere.
  12. Take several slow, deep inhale, exhale breaths and allow yourself to think about the Loving Joy of Source. If you need to remember a Loving Joy moment or hum a Loving Joy song to assist you then go ahead and do that but try to allow yourself to feel as deeply as possible the feeling of Loving Joy fill your entire physical body. Take as long as you need to allow yourself to feel this within yourself.
  13. When you are ready, keeping your physical body eyes closed, imagine that you are looking through the eyes of your mini self that is sitting within the white sphere. Pretend, imagine and make this as real as possible. It is “real” you simply need to remember that it is.
  14. From the awareness of your mini self, see the white sphere around you. See the soft flows of energy moving around within the white sphere and allow the eyes of your mini self to adjust to the light of the white sphere.
  15. Now talk to Source! Say whatever you would like to say. Offer your Eternal Love and give thanks for the Loving Joy of energy that is filling you to over flowing. If you need to cry, then go ahead and do so. Allow yourself to release any energy that you feel is blocking you and know that Source is healing that from you as you do so.
  16. Once you feel complete, simply be still and feel the energy of Source flow through you. Do not question, do not rationalize, simply feel the energy of Source gently flowing through your entire expression.
  17. As you feel the energy of Source filling your entire being, become aware of arms going around you to embrace you within a hug. This is Source, giving you a hug and holding you ever so gently and expressing to you how very much you are loved. The loving hug of Source may feel like your entire body is wrapped within a soft, warm blanket. No need to think, simply allow yourself to feel the love of Source.
  18. Stay as long as you like, talk as long as you like. If desired, you will find a bed or a couch to sit or lie down on and you can even go to sleep within this space if you desire. Look around and find the couch and go sit down on it. Source will sit next to you and you can continue to communicate with Source. Allow yourself to be quite from time to time and become aware of Source responding to you. It may simply be a feeling of Loving Joy energy flowing through you or you may notice becoming aware of thought patterns in response to your desires. No need to analyze the thoughts you become aware of, simply make mental note of them and choose to remember them when your awareness returns to your physical body.
  19. When you are ready, simply bring your awareness back to your physical body. See it through the eyes of your mini self just exactly as you left it and begin to gently move your physical body around. Open your physical eyes and look around the room. When you are ready to move about, allow yourself to do so slowly so you can retain awareness of your experience within the God Space. It is suggested to write your experience down so you will retain memory of it as you move your physical body about.
  20. You can enter into the God Space any time you desire from within any environment. It is simply a matter of believing you can do so and then doing so. Once you regain more self trust, you will find you can instantly shift your focus of attention to the God Space and simply be with Source without going to so much time to prepare your body to do so.
  21. Our physical body is made of the energy of Source and it retains the memories we open to our awareness so everything that you experience your physical body remembers and we can quickly recreate the experience simply by focusing our thoughts.