The phasing sequence or the expansion and contraction of the Eternal Life Grid is so fast that it will never been seen when embodied to experience a hologram but the illustration below offers a visual of what it means that it “flashes on and off” as the phasing cycle occurs. Of course the phasing is back into the 12 point mind to be recharged with 3 times more of Source energy. This is what had not been possible within the earth system for over 26,000 years.

EGLAnimation7anihealedsolarsystemAscension Animated

ascensionanimatedBreathingGridslowBreathingGridfastcreationplanetaryhologram copyplanetarygrids copytubetorus copy

eternalexpansionexpansioncontractionaniillusionofmovementanieternalspiralClick on image with dot to view animated creation of Eternal Spiral.