Ascension Whispers Song Of Intent: Make all our dreams come true.

Welcome to Ascension Whispers


Ascension Whispers began in October 2012 when I was guided that it was time to share the information I was remembering. At that time, I had no clue the amount of information that would be shared. You will find it continues to be quite a lot, as you read through the posts.

The thoughts shared on Ascension Whispers are the result of information that continues to open to my awareness from our Source Conscious Mind, on a daily basis. It is a process of remembering what was forgotten when birthing into this earth system.

I remember something daily, sometimes many things. I am still amazed when new memory opens within me. I only share what I am guided is intended to assist the whole in some way. Sometimes the memories are for my personal life or may require more pieces of memory before they are ready to be shared with the public.

The memories offered for your consideration belong to all of creation, not just me. It is information that each person should simply know, and have access to. If you do not experience regaining your own memory while embodied within the earth system, you will as soon as your earth life completes.

All people are created to know the truth of creation. This is because all people are Source embodied. There is only “one true Source of creation”. Some people call that one true Source God, I simply prefer the name Source. The only reason humans have forgotten the truth of creation is because human consciousness is healing from a state of fragmentation. You will find a great amount of detailed information that explains why human consciousness is healing from a state of fragmentation, within the information offered here for your consideration.

Healing within the human body form turns off the truth of creation as soon as you enter your consciousness into the human body. This is because the human baby body can only hold a tiny spark of your Source conscious energy. The truth of creation is held within the conscious energy of Source and a tiny spark of Source consciousness cannot hold the amount of energy required to allow awareness of the truth of creation.

Therefore, all of humanity are healing from a state of amnesia and have created many false beliefs in the process of trying to remember the truth of self, the truth of Source and the truth of creation. These false beliefs are then passed onto each generation to become the accepted normal way of thinking within the earth paradigm. Creating a belief system based on false beliefs includes superstitious beliefs, which are a result of fear. Fear is a result of embodied consciousness not being able to hold the full amount of Source energy they are created to hold. Fear is a result of memory loss. Regaining memory of the truth heals the inner fears.

Many people are experiencing an awakening to truth, and realizing that what is taught, and believed to be true, within this earth paradigm is not true. When that realization occurs, it begins the process of the individual seeking truth. You have found your way here because you are a seeker of truth.

The false beliefs created by humanity are the result of humanity forgetting what exists before the manifest matter we call reality. It is a result of forgetting “inner creation”. Creation occurs from the inside out, not the outside in. Manifest matter is the outside of creation. Inner creation creates outer creation. The beliefs of human consciousness are based on only being able to know outer creation, and manifest matter for thousands of years.

Forgetting the truth of self, the truth of creation, and inner creation is the result of human consciousness forgetting that all of creation is Source, and that there is nothing but Source within all of creation. It is the process of humanity forgetting they are Source embodied. Healed consciousness does not “seek” Source or seek to understand self and creation. Healed consciousness knows they are Source embodied and knows the truth of creation simply because Source creates all expressions of Source to know the truth of creation.

The earth life experience is a “healing mission”,¬† of individuated faces of Source carrying the energy of Source to part of Source that fragmented and became stuck within the illusion of time. To do so requires entering into the human baby body form, which means all faces of Source forget everything they knew prior to doing so. They are then programmed with the false beliefs of those who birthed before them.

Humanity has now entered into a stage of healing that is allowing the higher energy of Source to turn back on within human consciousness. Each person is at their unique stage of healing and few will regain their memory before the earth life experience completes. There are reasons why this is true offered within the material. Humanity has entered into a “new age” and it is an age of “knowing”.

Regaining ones memory is not a process of being an ET contact, or ET abductee who is being feed information from another individuated expression of Source. It is a process of remembering for yourself, as more of the higher energy of Source opens within yourself. It is my experience that memory turns back on in pieces and chunks and is why remembering is a constant process.

My personal passion is to simply assist as many people as possible to remember they are Source embodied. I know that when this occurs, the pieces of memory can begin to open within. Remembering the truth is an amazing adventure that I desire all to experience. The statement, “the truth shall set you free” is literally true. When you remember the truth of self, and what that really means, you realize you are Eternal, you realize there is absolutely nothing to fear. Freedom is freedom from fear. Fear blocks the higher energy of Source, which holds the truth.

This information is to assist all who can hear into self empowerment. It is to assist all to remember that in truth there is no one but self, as all are Source embodied, all are the same conscious mind. No two expressions of Source embodied experience anything exactly the same. There are similarities, but each expression of Source experiences uniquely within their self.

It is quite true that manifest matter is a hologram and the hologram is created within self, it is created within the mind of Source. Nothing exists outside of the mind of Source as there is nothing but the mind of Source. All of creation is the thoughts of Source, held within the mind of Source. We call the mind of Source the universe. You are a thought, held within the mind of Source, expressing as Source embodied, and co-creating as Source embodied. It is time for you to remember your amazing power as a face of Source and your ability to create.

There is a whole lot of imbalance expressing within human consciousness and the only thing that can heal such imbalance is the higher energy of Source. The higher energy of Source is eternal love and balance. The only thing that can heal humanity is the love of Source. You are Source embodied, on a mission to bring your Source love into the earth paradigm.

I intend you find something within these offerings to assist your personal journey back into truth and balance. It is an amazing journey we are all sharing. Please take what will assist you and leave the rest.

Many Blessings of Source Love and Joy as you continue your journey back into balance and truth.

Marie Love